Russian Doctor Steals Heroin From Patient’s Stomach During Operation

A Russian doctor has been arrested after he stole heroin from a drug mule’s stomach who he was operating on.

On Tuesday, police from the Siberian region of Krasnoyarsk confirmed that the unnamed doctor had performed the operation on the man, who had allegedly been caught smuggling drugs inside his stomach.

Once the surgery was completed on the mule, officers then investigated the amount of drugs that had come out of him, only to then realise that some of the heroin was actually missing.

Investigators then decided to search the surgeon, who worked in the hospital of the city of Bogotol, and they then found a pack of heroin hidden inside his clothes.

Police also confirmed that when they questioned and searched the doctor he was high. Originally, the doctor had been asked to carry out the operation to remove the small packages containing heroin from the mule’s stomach by the police.

A source told, “When they searched the surgeon, they found a package with five grams of heroin hidden in his clothing. At the moment of the detention, the doctor was in a state of narcotic intoxication.”

A police video has since been published by investigators, and its shows the suspect being locked up inside a police cell, and then refusing to answer any questions. Officers have confirmed that he could face up to 15 years in prison for the theft and possession of a large amount of drugs.

Police haven’t released any further information regarding the drug courier who was originally arrested. Questions have also been raised as to why the mule was smuggling drugs in such a remote area of Russia, which is around 4,000 kilometres east of Moscow.

Last month a Russian doctor was caught on a surveillance camera punching a patient who was recovering from heart surgery.

[Image via wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock]