Leonardo DiCaprio jet pack

Hey, It’s Leonardo DiCaprio Flying Around On A Jet Pack [Photo]

Being an A-list celebrity like Leonardo DiCaprio comes with its own perks. Like having a jet pack, for instance.

The 38-year-old actor is currently enjoying his short hiatus from Hollywood in Ibiza and one day decided “Hey, I’m Leonardo DiCaprio. If that doesn’t get me access to a jet pack, then what the hell am I doing?”

So he found a Flyboard, which propels its user about 30 feet into the air. He donned a helmet and other protective gear before flying around a bit above the ocean.

The Flyboard isn’t exactly in the Sharper Image, but you can get one for about $6,000. Either that or you can rent it for $500 an hour.

A rep for the company that makes Flyboards said that the high price tag is well worth the ride it brings you on. “If you want to fly, it’ll cost you a lot more than $6,000,” he said.

But is that true? According to a witness of DiCaprio’s flight, he “tried the device for a half an hour before calling it quits.”

No word on whether he got a $250 refund.

His trip comes a day after he was spotted kissing German model Toni Garnn on his Mediterranean holiday. The actor was also seen snuggling up to his 21-year-old paramour on a luxury yacht.

Are you a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio? Scratch that: Would you pay $500 an hour to use that crazy jet pack of his? Sound off!

[Top image: Shutterstock]