paul fronczak

FBI Reopens 40 Year Old Kidnapping Case

A kidnapping case which closed in 1964 has now been reopened after more than 40 years. Chester and Dora Franczak had a son born in 1964 and while they were still at the hospital the child was kidnapped. Eventually, one year later, the kid wound up in another state and was returned to his parents.

Once the child was returned, the FBI closed the case and decided that even though the kidnapper was still out there, they had found the kid. Well, turns out that is not what happened. Chester and Dora’s son, Paul Froncak, who is now 49 years old wanted to figure out why he did not look like his parents. After DNA testing was done, it was revealed that he has no biological relation to Chester or Dora meaning that the kidnapped child from the Chicago Hospital in 1964 was never actually found.

Paul, who is married and is a father himself, came forward with the story because the case is still unsolved and prompted the FBI to reopen it. In a telephone interview with the Chicago Tribune, Paul stated that the FBI had reopened the case and that they were at his house three weeks ago in order to investigate.

Despite all of the difficulties that will likely confront Paul and the FBI investigators, they are determined to not only figure out where the actual missing child went but also figure out who Paul is. Chester and Dora have told Paul that although they completely support his decision to try and figure out where the child went and who he actually is, they cannot be involved because it is too painful.

Paul is optimistic and told the Tribune:

I’m in this for the long haul. I’m not going to quit. I think that the perfect ending would be to find the real Paul, see that he’s doing well and then on the same day find my real family. It would also be nice to have an actual birth date that I could believe in.