McDonalds drive thru

Man Goes Through McDonalds Drive-Thru On Stretcher

A man suffering from a debilitating spinal injury has been photographed traveling through a McDonalds drive-thru and purchasing a Big Mac on a stretcher.

The unnamed man is clearly eager for the burger as he was spotted strapped to a bed and then placing an order through the window before rolling away to eat his grub. His legs are tied down to the stretcher, he is lying on his stomach and he is able to move around because the wheelchair bed is motorized.

One Reddit user actually recognised the McDonalds in question, and confirmed that it was near Walter Reed National Military Medical Cener in Bethesda. They then added that man on stretcher was more than likely a soldier who had been wounded in combat.

The user, who is known as backgroundN015e, then added, “He appears to have intact lower limbs, so it may be a back injury. However, they use these extensively for paraplegics and amputees to get around as part of their therapy.”

Various other internet users have also taken to Reddit to voice their support of the hungry man. One commentor asked about his device, “That looks motorized. Is it?” before adding, “If so, it’s kind of awesome.”

Maybe the man was looking to buy a McDouble, which last month was labeled as the “cheapest, most nutritious” meal available in history.

One commentor stated on this bizarre revelation, which was started by Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt’s “Freakanomics” blog, “With just 390 calories, the McDouble packs 23 grams (half a daily serving) of protein, 7 percent of a person’s recommended daily fiber and 20 percent of the RDA for calcium. The sandwich is available in 14,000 locations and usually costs around $1.”

The report also added, “For the one out of seven Americans receiving food stamps — which have an average monthly benefit of just $133 — to supplement their grocery budgets, the nutrition and cost balanced in a McDouble likely appear even more attractive.”