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Hobbit House: Couple Told To Destroy Eco-Friendly Home

Couple Told To Destroy Hobbit House

The Hobbit house of North Penbrokeshire, Wales must be destroyed. Charles Hague and Megan Williams were ordered to demolish their eco-friendly home. The couple has two months to remove the home and all associated materials from their land.

As reported by Wales Online, the Pembrokeshire Council previously decided that the home caused “harm to the character and appearance of the countryside.”

Their decision was upheld by Planning Inspector Iwan Lloyd. Officials contend that the home was built without prior permission from the planning commission.

As explained on Facebook, the couple decided to build the round house as they did not have the money to pay rent or a mortgage or to build a traditional home. They designed and built the home on a piece of land provided by Hague’s parents.

Before building the Hobbit house, the couple lived in a caravan on the same piece of land. As they were expecting their first child, they wanted to remain close to their family.

Charles and Megan were inspired by the Lammas eco community, who built similar homes in their neighborhood. With no experience in building, the couple planned the construction of their new home.

The couple wanted their home to be environmentally friendly and free from carcinogens. The frame is constructed with local wood timber. The walls are reinforced with bales of hay. The roof is covered in plants. All of the materials used to construct the home are natural or recycled.

Hobbit House Kitchen

As reported by Daily Mail, five months after the birth of their son, they were told to demolish their home. Charles and Megan filed an appeal, hoping that the zoning commission would reconsider. Eight months later the initial ruling was upheld. The family must now vacate and demolish their home.

Charles and Megan are understandably upset with the decision. They have begun a petition at They are petitioning the Welsh Assembly for permission to keep their Hobbit house. The petition currently has over 6,000 signatures.

Family Hobbit House

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6 Responses to “Hobbit House: Couple Told To Destroy Eco-Friendly Home”

  1. Stephen James Hurley

    why would I support a couple who have ignored the rules and regulations enforced by law in this country regarding planning permission? they have build a home without planning permission or building control so there is no way of telling if this structure is actually safe without tearing it apart and now that they have been told to remove it they start a petition instead of the bulldozer…..

  2. Lucy G O'malley-Local

    Building controls and planning permission are not well suited to self builds not because they are dangerous but because the red tape make it needlessly expensive/difficult while cutting all kinds of slack to big businesses. While it needs to be safe for people to live in, if it is then tearing it down is just pointless. All the stuff the council object to are valid points, however they seem to ignore them when big bucks are involved. Now it comes down to money. I want to build my own home one day, and crazy stuff like how thick your walls are and so on, are bizarre and fine if it a brick and timber build but if it is made of clay, or straw bays, or wattle, then is doesn't make sense at all. In times like these we might all have to let the red tape go, because the amount of homeless people is only going to rise. Over 90,000 people are now in "unsuitable" housing (ie have more bedrooms than the Government think is needed for them as a family) and there are 30,000 homes. Self builds especially eco-builds on your own land might be an answer.

  3. Lucy G O'malley-Local

    It is better than the toxic building big companies seem hell bent on building everywhere out of shit materials.

  4. Edwin Taylor

    Instead of applying a template to the home, why not do a structural analysis? If this is an owner-occupied home then the risks are assumed by the owner. I can see not being able to market it, but occupying it should be a matter of determining its structural integrity. We have similar situations here in the states.

  5. Nicky Mitchell

    Simply a matter of municipal rules that are man made taking preference over everything else. The land belongs to them, they are most unlikely to keep their precious child in the house if it's unsafe, they have very little environmental impact but they're being treated as criminals! Doesn't make sense! I personally think this home is lovely!

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