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Delta Airport Contractor Loses Nine-Year-Old Flying Cross-Country

Delta airport contractor loses nine-year-old flying cross-country

A Delta airport contractor lost a nine-year-old girl flying cross-country.

A nine-year-old girl in Salt Lake City, Utah, had been flying cross-country from Boise, Idaho to Baltimore, Maryland, when the contractor paid to escort her between flights lost her. Young Trinity’s father had paid $100 for a Prospect escort to ensure that his daughter made it to her next flight, and somewhere along the way, the two had become separated.

Brent Skeen said that when his daughter called him from the Delta airport in Utah, he heard the one thing he felt he paid someone to ensure he wouldn’t hear. Nine-year-old Trinity Skeen told him she was lost. He asked her where the girl was that was supposed to be escorting her and she told him she didn’t know.

Trinity Skeen’s father calmed her down and had her approach a TSA agent, who helped her find her way. With the unplanned help, she made her flight, but it was like throwing money out the window because someone couldn’t be responsible enough to do what they were paid for.

Brent Skeen said of nine-year-old Trinity being lost at the Delta airport, “She could have been kidnapped, it was in a city she’s not familiar with and her safety and security was compromised.”

At such a young age, being lost in an airport can be a frightening thing all by itself. You’re surrounded by hundreds of people you probably don’t know, some with a plane to catch and some with ill intentions. Knowing which is which can be half of the problem. In the end, Trinity and her father were reunited, fear giving way to tears of joy, but the fear that Brent Skeen might never see his daughter again was something he had paid to eliminate.

Brent Skeen says the experience could leave her scarred, “She’s going to be freaking out from here on out about flying by herself.”

Attempts to contact Delta airport and Prospect escort services were met with no comment.

How far would you go to ensure your child flies cross-country safely? What do you think happened to cause the Delta airport contractor to lose nine-year-old Trinity Skeen?

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5 Responses to “Delta Airport Contractor Loses Nine-Year-Old Flying Cross-Country”

  1. Anonymous

    We all make errors but there is likely another side to this story. I fly my grandchildren all over with no problem since they mind. The father is just after some money.

  2. Cody Grensted-Giles

    Where in the world do you get that from? Can you point out to me where in the article that it says he is filing a lawsuit against the airline or escort company? I find it hard to believe he conspired with his nine year old to have her run off from her escort, in another state, and wander the airport all alone. Could you also clarify this statement "I fly my grandchildren all over with no problem since they mind."? A little proof reading goes a long way, it's not like your editing a thesis it's only three sentences. I'm not usually so hostile but I find it disgusting that you would attack this mans character on absolutely no basis. To me it just sounds like you're a bitter person who tries to make the worst of everything.

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