Have you spotted the elusive McRib in the wild? The McRib Locator can help you

It’s like the second coming of Christ- scantly meaty, mass-produced and available for a limited time Christ.

To be honest, I have never consumed one of the famed McRib sandwiches available at McDonald’s just infrequently enough that people go apeshit when they reappear. This is no food snobbery on my part, I just tend to scarf those mechanically separated chicken rhombuses hosed down in Mac Sauce on each visit and can’t recall the last time a McRib graced the menu. However, my Facebook feed has been littered with shout-outs to the McRib, and references to the sandwich online have been increasing to a barbeque-y crescendo.

Perhaps you are one of the McRib adherents desperately seeking a McRib in your hood. And if you’ve ever hunted down a foodstuff with limited availability as it slowly disappeared from stores (Burger King and their super amazing chocolate cherry flavored Love Shake spring to mind) you’ll appreciate the McRib Locator. As a matter of fact. the McRib Locator is so appreciated it is going up and down as scads of McRib craving internetters desperately try to track down the sandwich using the Google maps mashup.

Have you gotten a McRib yet this season? Was it everything you remembered and more?