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Movie Theater Popcorn Costs More Than Fillet Mignon [Report]

Movie theater popcorn costs more per ounce than fillet mignon

Movie theater popcorn apparently costs more per ounce than fillet mignon.

You’re probably aware that if you go to the movies these days, you should probably show up well fed. Concession stand snacks and drinks are downright expensive, and if you see a lot of movies, you’ve probably considered sneaking your own into the theater.

Movie theaters tend to frown on people bringing their own food and drinks in with them, so we at The Inquisitr don’t recommend it. But be prepared to spend a lot on them if you decide to play by their rules.

Movie theater popcorn, for example, could cost you over five dollars for a small bucket, which is more per ounce than a fillet mignon. University of California-Irvine professor Richard McKenzie says that he doesn’t know why it costs so much, as it’s probably a trade secret and he’s likely to tell us all.

Richard McKenzie has gone on record as saying that movie theater popcorn should cost less than 10 cents per ounce, meaning that at current prices, we’re paying over 1,200 percent what it’s worth.

The irony of it all is that you probably want something to snack on while you’re watching your movie, and the enticing aroma of movie theater popcorn is nearly intoxicating. The smell makes us crave it, and we willingly let our wallets drain for it.

Patrick Corcoran of the National Association of Theater Owners says it’s not mandatory for anyone to stop at the concession stand and buy food or drinks, but the theater is happy when they do.

The extra cost of movie theater popcorn and other snacks helps the theater make a profit when they’re likely paying most of the cost of the ticket to the movie studio, which in turn pays the actors and advertising fees. Concession snacks are sold at 100 percent profit, and the aroma of movie theater popcorn is intended to lure you in for that very reason. The theater makes next to nothing on the movies you see, and the money has to come from somewhere.

Does this change your mind about the price of movie theater popcorn?

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One Response to “Movie Theater Popcorn Costs More Than Fillet Mignon [Report]”

  1. Mokona Mekkyo

    With so many trade secrets, there is really no information publicly available to back up the statement of theaters not making money from ticket sales.

    While not impossible to circumvent, at a theater, you cannot pause the movie and go out to eat. They also try to keep people from bringing in their own food, thus more or less a captive consumer base. Within the walls of the theater, they have a monopoly, and will price things accordingly.

    Many businesses are like this. When you go to the store and you see a can of sardines for $1.25, the owner is not going to tell you that based on the case price, each can only cost them 22 cents.

    For businesses that rely on reselling, typically try to keep their own costs as hidden from the public view as possible as they do not want people to start seriously questioning their pricing.

    Overall there is a major lack on information on both sides of the arguments.

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