Best Song Ever

‘Best Song Ever’ One Direction Video: Zayn As Sexy Secretary, Harry As Nerdy Marketing Dude [Video]

The new Best Song Ever video from One Direction has landed. As you see when you hit that button to watch, the boys are actually in on the joke.

I’ll be the first to admit that when I heard the Best Song Ever audio the other day, I was pretty skeptical. Don’t be hatin’ on me too bad. But my gut reaction was, “How do these kids really think this c**p on a cracker is any good, much less the self-appointed best song ever?”

As you’ll see in the video, One Direction has a healthy sense of humor about being in a boy band — and about the new song. They are not idiots, and they may even be a little weary with being marketed to 11-year-olds because they’re — in Marcel the Marketing Guy’s immortal words — “as cute as a button.”

My only real complaint is that there’s a little too much yik yak at the beginning of the six minute Best Song Ever video. I probably don’t need two minutes of banter between Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan pretending to be industry blowhards before they get rolling on a four minute song I don’t much like.

But I’ll admit that there’s a lot of funny stuff here, including a flashed picture of the members of One Direction dressed up like the Village People.

If you ever wanted to know what Zayn Malik would look like as a sexy female secretary or what Harry Styles would look like as a marketing dweeb, here you go. If you ever wanted Malik and Styles to almost kiss, all the better.

So the new Best Song Ever video is definitely worth watching.

With the sound turned down.

Because it is indeed a funny video but sorry, One Direction, it still ain’t the Best Song Ever.

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