[VIDEO] Is this the most beautiful portable videogame ever?

Nintendo showed off a truckload of games for the Nintendo 3DS yesterday (see a full video here). However, it isn’t one of Nintendo’s own games that really showed off the system’s technical prowess. While I love Nintendo deeply for bringing me a new Pilotwings title, Konami’s Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 3D Edition is the real graphical powerhouse.

Metal Gear games are famed for their looks as much as their terrible stories and awesome bosses, but this must be the most visually arresting handheld game … well, ever. It’s very clearly a game with 3D visuals, because the trailer wastes no time in throwing things RIGHT IN YOUR FACE from the first moment.

All in all, pretty stunning; check out the trailer below and try telling me PSP 2 doesn’t have a mountain to climb:

[Via YouTube]