Robin Thicke Get In My Way

Robin Thicke Drops ‘Get In My Way’ Single

Robin Thicke’s massive hit Blurred Lines has become the smash viral song of Summer 2013, and now he’s following that hit up with Get In My Way.

The singer’s Blurred Lines album will drop on July 30 but not before we get to sink our teeth into another song from Alan Thicke’s son.

In Blurred Lines, the singer focuses on a raunchy themed song that is even raunchier thanks to an uncensored version of his music video in which women walk around topless.

We aren’t sure what the music video for Get In My Way will look like, but the song definitely has that stripped down smooth sound with Thicke’s trademark falsetto voice that marked Blurred Lines, albeit with a stronger dance beat.

Blurred Lines has topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for five weeks in a row; perhaps it will be Robin Thicke who will unseat his own track.

Here’s Get In My Way. Take a listen, and let us know if you think Robin Thicke has another hit on his hands:

Blurred Lines has already teamed up with Cap That, a website that allows fans of the song to create their own photos. If you like Cap That, you can receive a download of the new album with every print you buy. Cap That is offering the prints through the dedicated website CapThicke.

Will you be running out on July 30 to pick up the new Blurred Lines album?

If this article hasn’t wet your appetite enough to buy the new album when it debuts, be sure to check out The Cosby Show version of Blurred Lines.