Beyonce hugs fan

Beyonce Hug Makes Fan Faint [Video]

For some, it doesn’t take much. For one Beyonce fan, all it took was a hug.

Star power is real power indeed, and anyone who doubts it is invited to watch the video above, where the power of Bey’s motherly squeeze caused one of her fans to promptly faint.

Beyonce has made a habit on her Mrs. Carter World Tour of interacting with fans during her performance of “Irreplaceable.” During her most recent performance, she reached out and took the hand of a male fan in the audience. As he wriggled with excitement, she knelt down and gave him a big hug.

He promptly fell over.

It was a pretty adorable moment in a tour that has been otherwise marked with fan interactions that didn’t go so well.

In Atlanta (again, during “Irreplaceable”), Beyonce offered a fan the mic, only to berate him for holding out his cameraphone.

“I’m right in your face, baby. You gotta seize the moment. Put that damn camera down!” she shouted.

She eventually knocked the camera away from her face and offered him the mic again. He gives in and sings along, to which she responded “Yes, that’s much better.”

Barely a month before, she warned a fan in Copenhagen who reached out for a handful of her derriere.

Perhaps Beyonce’s hug in some way made up for all that. Or she was thanking the fan for just enjoying the show and being a good sport. Either way: He passed out, there’s video, and it’s hilarious.

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