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Katy Perry Takes Takes Unusual Inspiration From Freddie Mercury

Katy Perry Takes Takes Unusual Inspiration From Freddie Mercury

Katy Perry sees Queen rocker Freddie Mercury as a big inspiration, but not in the way you might think.

Perry has a new perfume set to debut next month, and she’s taken a lyric from the British rocker to help name it.

Dubbed “Killer Queen,” the fragrance is actually the third released from Katy Perry, and the first without a cat theme. In 2010 she released “Purr,” and followed it up the next year with one called “Meow.”

For the latest one, Katy said she took inspiration from lyrics written by Freddie Mercury.

“Killer Queen has been in my vocabulary since I was 15, because of the song ‘Killer Queen’ by Queen,” Perry told Women’s Wear Daily. “Freddie Mercury painted the lyrics of this woman who I wanted to be. She seemed very powerful, and she captivated a room when she walked in. I named my company Killer Queen after those lyrics. I feel like, after all this time, it was appropriate to use that name in association with something I did. I feel like I’m falling, finally, into that woman Freddie painted.”

To create Killer Queen, Katy Perry teamed up with Laurent Le Guernec of International Flavors and Fragrances.

Katy is working on more than just fragrances, however. She was just announced as one of the headliners for the iHeart Radio festival, joining a slew of big-name stars including Justin Timberlake, Elton John, and Bruno Mars.

The two-date festival is held in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, and hosted by Ryan Seacrest.

The iHeart Music festival has a roundabout connection to Katy Perry’s new fragrance. The concert will feature Keith Urban, Ke$ha, and Adam Lambart all performing songs from Freddie Mercury.

When it comes to work outside music, Katy Perry said she may one day try her hand at fashion design, but isn’t quite ready yet.

“I would like to [branch into fashion], but this circus act can only juggle so many balls,” Katy Perry said. “It’s to be determined, but we’ll see how it goes. I love what Victoria Beckham did, but I also have to figure out with myself what actually is the market I want to be in.”

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15 Responses to “Katy Perry Takes Takes Unusual Inspiration From Freddie Mercury”

  1. Anonymous

    Please do not attach yourself to anything regarding the band queen ( or any other group with talent for that matter ) You are a talentless hack who can only sing with auto tune. Your songs are immature and juvenile. Please go away.

  2. Anonymous

    Katy is very talented and only getting better with each new release. Keep it up Katy and give new adventures a go.

  3. Anonymous

    Freddie Mercury said "Killer Queen" was about a high class call girl.——? and Katie Perry aspires to be that person?

  4. Anonymous

    Freddie Mercury:[7]
    “ People are used to hard rock, energy music from Queen, yet with this single you almost expect Noel Coward to sing it. It's one of those bowler hat, black suspender belt numbers – not that Coward would wear that. (…) It's about a high class call girl. I'm trying to say that classy people can be whores as well. That's what the song is about, though I'd prefer people to put their interpretation upon it – to read into it what they like.

    I guess Katy used that last part there. Her interpretation is a little different from Freddie's. lol

  5. Anonymous

    Once again we see how everyone under 25 is so stupid. The song "Killer Queen" is about a drag queen who just can't make it in the real world. Katy Perry probably has no idea who Freddie even was, just heard a kitchy song on pandora and google it….idiot!

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