Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Is 'Disgusted' By Him

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Are Not Dating, Evidently Friends

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are not dating.

You read that right.

This is what the just turned 21-year-old starlet told host Ryan Seacrest in an E! Special that aired on Sunday.

The exact exchange?

Seacrest: “Are you with Justin are you not with Justin?”

Gomez: “No, I am not.”

Seacrest: “So you are single?”

Gomez: “Yes I am.”

It’s shocking news considering the glut of breathless reports about Bieber and Gomez supposedly reuniting.

Throw in the friendly looking July 5 Instagram Bieber posted of the pair following revelations they spent part of Independence Day together, and it’s not unreasonable why numerous media outlets assumed they were together.

What isn’t reasonable, accurate, or responsible journalism, however, are the now exposed dubious ‘source’ reports about their relationship, given that Gomez has just stated she and the Canadian are not dating.

One outlet that shall remain nameless claimed to have exclusive details on the couple’s reunion and the supposed “conditions” of the reconciliation, in an off-shoot story that was essentially used as a tool to insult Bieber.

Gomez’s bombshell also blows credibility holes in reports of her being so “disgusted” by Bieber’s recent behavior that she read him the relationship riot act.

“Selena was disgusted when she heard what he did in the club,” a source supposedly told the UK’s Star Magazine, adding,”he has sworn if she gives him one last chance he won’t let her down.”

The quote refers to the excruciating video of Bieber urinating into a janitorial mop bucket in a New York City nightclub, the bizarreness of it exceeded only by his later expletive at a photograph of Bill Clinton — for which he subsequently apologized.

“Selena has told Justin that the speeding, turning up late [to concerts] and arguing with paps all have to end if they are going to work,” Star’s ‘insider’ went on, oblivious to the fact the real Gomez would later offer no public opinion to Seacrest on Bieber’s overly-documented missteps.

It’s worth noting Star Magazine previously broke the second, false, Bieber paternity story.

Once again it’s a stark reminder that not every widely reported claim is what it purports to be.

Elsewhere, it’s been reported Gomez is absolutely smitten with Bieber.

Just yesterday, it was claimed Selena is utterly convinced Justin is her “one true love.”

The word “undying” was used.

“She’s very stubborn when it comes to Justin,” one insider supposedly tattled. “She’s got this idea that he’s ‘The One’ for her and that they’ll live happily ever after.”

As for the pair themselves, after a reportedly barnstorming Boston show on Saturday night, Bieber has hit his native land, Canada.

The pop star is set to perform at Kanata, Ontario’s Scotiabank Place on July 23.

Video footage of the shirtless one partying with some of his Believe tour crew and Deadmau5, the dance producer, at Radio Z 103.5’s Cabana Pool bar in Toronto on Sunday, suggests Bieber isn’t too worried about his personal life despite ongoing controversies.

The 19-year-old was recently hit with a possibly fraudulent, new spitting accusation.

An Ohio deejay claims Bieber swore and spat on him after an alleged altercation over attempts to take photos of the singer in a Columbus, Ohio, bar and lounge.

The DJ, named Addison Ulhaq, has filed a police report but has not filed criminal charges.

Both Bieber’s rep and an apparently firsthand witness deny the alleged incident took place.

Meanwhile, Gomez got her party on with actress Lily Collins and an array of other nubile celebrities at Julianne Hough’s twenties-themed birthday party at Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel on Saturday.

The Spring Breakers actress wore a short, black figure-hugging dress, completing her look with a set of red ‘devil’ horns and trademark scarlet lips. After Gomez’s milestone 21st today, her Stars Dance album officially drops tomorrow.

From candids, the Latina seemed in high spirits at Hough’s party.

For those whose ‘Jelena’ hopes have been mortally dashed, take heart. Bieber and Gomez appear to have made the jump from dating, to not dating, to friendship — which as we all know is often the more durable option.

Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Are Not Dating