Chong played next to Prah in "The Color Purple."

Rae Dawn Chong Shows Regret For Oprah Winfrey Comments [Video]

Rae Dawn Chong has spoken out about her racist comments against Oprah Winfrey. The 52-year-old co-starred next to Winfrey in The Color Purple, but it seems she’s not the biggest Oprah fan after all.

Chong took to Matty P’s Radio Happy Hour this week to go off on a slur-filled rant against Winfrey in which she called the popular 59-year-old a “self-centered b*tch.”

She went on to say that Oprah would be a “field n***er” if she was born in a different time. Chong’s comments have since created quite the stir online and she took to YouTube to try and clear things up.

“Thanks, TMZ, ” she sarcastically said to start the video. Chong wouldn’t completely apologize for all of her comments, but she did show some regret for her “choice of words.”

“Out of context, it’s a most unfortunate choice of words and I regret it,” she added. “Do I take back everything I said? No.”

Rae Dawn Chong has made a few appearances in smaller market movies over the years, but she’s back in the spotlight now after going on a rant against her former co-star.

Oprah has yet to respond to Chong’s comments and she more than likely never will. Her success speaks for itself and criticism comes and goes when you are as popular as Oprah.

Chong’s video has received just over 17,000 views, but her apology was more of an explanation than anything else. She explained that “in context, I was actually complimenting Oprah,” but that hasn’t convinced too many people.

She did go on to add that she has problems with Oprah, but she didn’t get into detail. Chong even referenced the Trayvon Martin case as another reason why she regrets her comments.

There’s no telling if her rant will actually turn into a feud with Oprah, but she surely found a way to voice her opinion about one of the most popular women in America.

Do you agree with Rae Dawn Chong’s remarks about Oprah Winfrey from earlier this week?