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George Zimmerman Can’t Get Gun Back Quite Yet

George Zimmerman No Gun Yet

George Zimmerman can’t get his gun back yet, but Florida police stated he is free to purchase a new one if he would like. The weapon’s release was put on hold by the Department of Justice.

The DOJ announced a new investigation into whether or not Zimmerman violated 17-year-old Trayvon Martin’s civil rights in a confrontation last February that left Martin dead.

As a result of the new investigation, the DOJ ordered all evidence in the case held until further notice. And that includes the Kel-Tec PF 9 9mm pistol Zimmerman used to fatally shoot Martin, reports ABC News.

Sanford Police spokesman James McAuliffe explained that the Department of Justice placed the hold, and that “the evidence will not be returned until such time as they release the hold.” However, Zimmerman is not legally barred from purchasing another gun, if that is what he wishes to do.

The gun was initially scheduled to be returned to George Zimmerman following his acquittal of charges that he murdered the unarmed teenager more than a year ago. Mark O’Mara, Zimmerman’s lawyer, stated the day after the verdict that Zimmerman was entitled to his gun and needed it “even more” after the trial.

The 29-year-old former neighborhood watch captain went back into hiding immediately after the verdict, which resulted in protests around the country. Fox News notes that the decision to hold all evidence in the Trayvon Martin case comes after Attorney General Eric Holder announced that his department will “consider all available information” in the case before it decides whether it will pursue a case against George Zimmerman.

Along with George Zimmerman’s gun, the Justice Department will also look at Trayvon Martin’s clothes, cell phone, his bag of Skittles, and the beverage found in his pocket after the shooting took place. The department also set up a public email address to ask for tips and information regarding the case.

Do you think George Zimmerman should get his gun back?

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39 Responses to “George Zimmerman Can’t Get Gun Back Quite Yet”

  1. Deborah Ann Casas Dupree

    Yes he should be allowed to have it back.

  2. Pastor George McVey

    no matter what you feel personally the law states that if he has been tried and found innocent then he has all the rights of any other citizen. Give the man his gun and quit playing like our constitutional rights are fluid.

  3. Kendall Emerson

    Guilt has forced him into hiding. If he did nothing wrong he would'nt be afraid. Living his own personal hell right now. Give a scared man a gun he will shoot the first person who says good morning to him.

  4. Justin McFatridge

    Yes he has the right to get it back due to the fact of him being found innocent. He sure could use it for his defense from all the people who thinks he is guilty.

  5. Cassie N James Bohon

    That's pretty ignorant to think. He's not hiding under guilt. He's hiding because radical blacks and white hate groups (black panthers) are putting a "price" on his head. Justice was served. He was tried with evidence found lacking. Time to move on.

  6. Marshall Brinson

    Do your really believe your statement??!! He is in hiding because people got what they wanted…a trial…and he was found not guilty. Now we have racist that will not except it and continue to make death threats. Guilt is not forcing him…but Racist are!! Just curious…where is your outrage about the 11,000 blacks murdered by other blacks since the Zimmerman/ Martin incident?? Or your outrage when blacks murder whites??? What is happening is the worst side of RACISM!!!

  7. Marty Hagerman

    Absolutely not, if his actions are any sign. He shouldn't have been aload one in the first place. I t really takes a big man to shoot .and unarmed teen.

  8. Haddassa Mcvey

    Who is going to SELL him a gun? Everyone is setting this poor man up to die. plain and simple, the moment he was found innocent, they should have returned it. as per constitutional law.

  9. Bill Collins

    Kendall, your comment is driven by race, not by reason.

  10. Cheryl Brown Strickland

    Marshall Brinson He got away with murdering a black child because his daddy is a judge. Make no mistake, if YOU ignored police orders to NOT stalk an unarmed child, then murdered that child you would be on death row.

  11. Cheryl Brown Strickland

    Joe Goss Really? Explain why. He murdered an unarmed child and got away with it because his dad is a judge. I hope he never sleeps a full night ever again. I hope karma tortures him with every single breath.

  12. Barry Branham

    I would gladly give him one of my spare guns if I lived in that state.

  13. Judy Thomas

    I find it sad that America has such a love of guns. I live in a country where few people have had dealings with guns. I have never seen a real gun in my lifetime. The guy has been found innocent but everyone is so engrossed on whether he should get a gun back…. that is no answer to the problems.

  14. Temperance Miller

    Vigilante nutjobs that can't wait to put him in their own crosshairs is why he is in hiding dude. Lol!

  15. Richard Brooks

    Just HOW LONG should one person allow another to try to crack their skull open and spill their brains out on the concrete, after they already broke his nose. The pistol was holstered until Zimmerman was being attacked. The person guilty of assault, battery, and attempting murder was shot, and died. Zimmerman was tried and acquitted. They have no right to keep his property. The Right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. He shouldn't NEED to spend the money to buy another pistol. He already owns one.

  16. Helen Knight

    I hink he should be allowed to have his gun… But would I want it after it's been in the hands of the ones who are trying to convict him? Hell no! They've had it way to long.. Before and during the trial George knew the gun was used for nothing else…if he takes it back now! who knows what lurks in the mine of evil…But I would get documents stateing and say he gun has been in the hand of a police agency ( FBI ) and make sure it was destroyed ( his gun ).

  17. Anna Ruiz

    I agree with Pastor McVey, He was found not guilty… And why can't The Martins accept the fact their child was hanging with the wrong crowd. Okay, I wouldn't follow someone unless I seen some kind of criminal activity!

  18. Robert Jolicoeur

    Give the man his damn gun back. He was found innocent by his peers. FO Eric Holder. It is sickening to watch you waste tax payers money because your personal beliefs. What you think should have happened didnt so waste more or our money on stupid bullshit. Save us the trouble resign and commit suicide.

  19. Robert Jolicoeur

    Cassie exactly. Its people like you that attempt to keep the racial divide. He is living a sheltered hidden life cause some racial extremists may kill his ass. Hes puerto rican not stupid.

  20. Robert Jolicoeur

    Especially when that teen is playing basketball with your skull. What would you do at that point? When your brain sends the fight or flight signals I know what ur gunna do…..pussy up and run

  21. Gina Scott

    Wow Kendall, do you really believe that he is in hiding because of guilt, what an arrogant, ignorant, racist statement. Your problem is you didn't get the verdict you think you should have gotten. Thank God we had 6 women who made the right decision. Get a life Kendall and grow up.

  22. Wayne Moore

    Along with George Zimmerman’s gun, the Justice Department will also look at Trayvon Martin’s clothes, cell phone, his bag of Skittles, and the beverage found in his pocket after the shooting.

    This is great that they are looking at Martings stuff wonder if they can put two plus two together on a drug called LEAN look this up you will be really shocked to see what LEAN is made out of. Martin had two things on him that night that made that drug called LEAN and at home he could had his last thing to make that drug called LEAN.

  23. Dean Smith

    Yes, because the people hunting him down are going off only facts. You are why people like Zimmerman and many of us carry. It doesn't matter what the truth is, it's whatever your attitude is that day.

  24. Dean Smith

    It's bad enough that the media determines your guilty, now after being proven innocent, he still isn't being given his rights back. What has happened to this country? Maybe it's stuff like this that causes more and more of us to distrust the system and decide to protect ourselves.

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