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Marc Anthony “God Bless America” Performance Outrages Twitter Racists

Marc Anthony sang “God Bless America” at a Major League Baseball game at Citi Field earlier this week. Seems harmless enough, right? You can check out the performance by the two-time Grammy Award winner by clicking that button to watch the video.

You can tell that Anthony is deeply sincere. And if you check out some of his tweets from before the performance, I think you can sense how excited he must have been about this opportunity.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the haters and trolls were active on Twitter that night. They were quick to jump on Marc Anthony’s “God Bless America” performance and to claim that the country was going to the dogs because a Mexican was singing.

Folks, Marc Anthony is an American born in New York City. His heritage is from Puerto Rico, a long-time unincorporated American territory. It isn’t yet a state, on the basis of its voting and its own choosing, but it may well be the 51st state one day. In any case, it is most certainly part of the United States of America. Sheesh, people.

I’m not going to single out anybody for the ignorant tweets. Some people already realize that they passed on something stupid, and they’ve apologized.

Other people are just idiots, and I don’t feel like giving them a forum in my article.

But it’s a matter of public record that the idiots made themselves known. KHOU noted:

“Tuesday night, social media was atwitter in protest of a Latino singing at a national sporting event. We’re talking about New York-born Marc Anthony singing ‘God Bless America’ at Tuesday night’s All Star Game…prompting many on social media to criticize the singer, with some calling the performance ‘un-American.'”

The squawking got so bad that Marc Anthony was actually forced to come forward to speak out about the “God Bless America” controversy himself. “To set the record straight, I was born and raised in New York…You can’t get more New York than me,” the frustrated singer said Thursday on Live With Kelly and Michael.

Here are Marc Anthony’s pre-game tweets:

Not everybody on Twitter is an idiot. Here are just a few of the kind supporters who spoke up for Marc Anthony:

“If I want to sing ‘God Bless America’ or ‘The Star-SpangIed Banner,’ I shouldn’t have to be in fear that the Twitter community is going to go after me for not being American,” that New York commentator said.

Folks, he’s absolutely right. Before you pass on the next Twitter outrage, make sure it’s based on fact and not just another hoax. Casey Anthony isn’t pregnant, Marc Anthony isn’t a Mexican, and the two of them aren’t married and having a two-headed love child.

Marc Anthony is an American, and he’s entitled to sing “God Bless America.” Next question?

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