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‘Unstoppable’ Kirk Cameron Controversy: Did Actor Lie To Fans, Creates Fake Story To Promote New Movie?

kirk cameron unstoppable

Kirk Cameron’s new movie Unstoppable was banned from Facebook today. Well, that’s what the actor is saying.

Cameron claims that Unstoppable was banned by Facebook for being too “spammy.”

Cameron writes on Facebook: “Calling all friends of Faith, Family, and Freedom! Facebook has officially “blocked” me and you (and everyone else) from posting any link to my new movie at UnstoppableTheMovieDOTcom, labeling the content as “abusive”, “unsafe”, and “spammy”! I can’t even write the real link here, or Facebook would block this post too!! Try to post it yourself and see! We have been officially shut down by Facebook and unable to get any response from them. This is my most personal film about faith, hope, and love, and about why God allows bad things to happen to good people. What is “abusive” or “unsafe” about that?! Please help us encourage Facebook to unblock our website soon by sharing this post with your friends so more people can see this transparent, faith-building project.”

The Christian filmmaker urged his fans to fight the oppressive social network and share the link to his movie on Facebook.

And they did. Thousands of them. The Facebook post quickly gained more than 100,000 shares, more than 40,000 likes, and close to 8,000 comments. The majority of those comments talked about how it was shameful of Facebook to block such a well-intentioned movie and praised Kirk Cameron for doing God’s work.

Of course, there were a few other comments that claimed that Kirk Cameron had conjured up the entire controversy in order to promote his new movie. The proof? Well, working links. Several people posted working links to Kirk Cameron’s movie despite the fact that it had been “banned” by Facebook.

Facebook hasn’t commented on the controversy so it’s hard to say if Kirk is telling the truth about the ban. There is some pretty damning evidence, however, that points to Kirk Cameron misleading his fans.

A few hours after Cameron posted his message several people reported that the movie’s link was no longer banned. Most people chalked this up to a Facebook miracle while others grew a little skeptical of the controversy.

kirk cameron

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Kirk Cameron lied. After all, the entire point of Kirk’s message was to get people to petition Facebook in order to get the movie’s link approved for the social network. Maybe the Kirk Cameron army succeeded and convinced Facebook that Unstoppable wasn’t spam.

Or, maybe Kirk Cameron lied to his fans, made up a phony story, and created a false controversy in order to promote his movie.

But Kirk Cameron wouldn’t do that, would he? Would he really lie to his fans?

Cameron posted his message at about 6:30 pm. The post quickly started gathering comments and within a few minutes someone posted a working link to the movie.

kirk cameron

Now, Facebook’s time stamp isn’t very exact. The working link and Cameron’s Facebook post were both shared “4 hours ago,” and it’s possible that Facebook was able to correct its error shortly after the actor’s post.

But that isn’t likely. Mark Zuckerberg isn’t sitting at his computer carefully monitoring Cameron’s Facebook page. The tech team at FB is good, but they can’t fix every problem within minutes.

So, that leaves us with two conclusions.

Either Kirk Cameron made a mistake. He typed in the wrong URL or hit the wrong button and saw a “spam” message. The actor then overreacted and accused Facebook for banning his site.

Or, Kirk Cameron made up a fake story, lied to his fans, and created a fake controversy to get people to talk about his movie.

What do you think? Did Kirk Cameron lie to his fans? Did he make up the controversy to promote his new movie?

Todd Starnes at Fox News was the first to report on the Unstoppable Facebook controversy, and he has already followed up with Kirk Cameron. The actor says that his movie really was blocked from Facebook and thanked his fans for overturning the ban.

Cameron said: “This is a real victory… If we work together, we really do have a voice.”

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106 Responses to “‘Unstoppable’ Kirk Cameron Controversy: Did Actor Lie To Fans, Creates Fake Story To Promote New Movie?”

  1. Jay Mchue

    It happened, fool. I notice you don't highlight the messages from people on Facebook saying "I just tried it and it is blocked." No, of course not. Can't have the truth about the situation on display, can you? I myself tried it when I saw his post and found that, yes, it was blocked. Then I and undoubtedly many others reported the block as erroneous to Facebook. That option comes up as part of the block message pop-up. With hundreds and maybe even thousands of people doing that, Facebook undoubtedly took notice and quickly corrected the issue.

  2. Lauren Law

    You are reaching pretty deeply showing an incredible desperation to discredit a man who you obviously do not understand. "Lied" / "made up a story" / "created a controversy" / "conjured" / "misleading? I would say those words better describe your organization. Kirk Cameron is a man who is striving to live his very best life to honor his Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. Doing so does not entail ANY of the above language. I do appreciate your bringing attention to his story and helping him to create more interest in the movie by attacking his character. I'm just wondering…what are you afraid of that you have to stoop this low? Shame on you!

  3. Michael Beard

    What are you talking about? He didn't lie about anything in fact not only was it banned, but on the Liberty University Web page, it was not accessible. In fact as of the writing of this post Youtube is still not allowing it to be shown. Perhaps the only person that isn't being honest here is the author of this piece.

  4. Michael Beard

    Yeah this might be one of the stupidest stories I've seen lately, which is ironic with everything going on right now in our country. What an idiot, everyone I've talked to said that they weren't able to access it.

  5. Ray Ma

    People do realize that it's not Youtube or Facebook that's blocking him, right? It's due to people spamming the report link on those sites which causes the two sites to automatically remove it. They do that for videos filed on spam etc. Youtube doesn't check each video individually to see it's authentic unless informed.

  6. Talia Woods

    I bet this site says benghazi (sp?) never happened.

  7. Janiece Desmond

    why would he try to get caught in a lie 2x? More than likely – It was banned and he reacted as a marketing chance NOT a marketing lie…I would check into the rest of the media world and see how much actually truth is in anything these days. Plus the marketing strategy for this would be for people to get saved NOT for money or fame like the rest of this dying world.

  8. Reid Jules

    The only reason YouTube would remove a video is if it was either reported by the community for having graphic/offensive content, or if a copyright claim was filed by its owner. You have to realize that it's not the companies themselves that remove it, but if enough people file claims, that could remove it. And I found a video for this on YouTube right now so I doubt it's been removed.

  9. Mushra Martinez

    It took me hours to get the trailer on the internet. I kept getting notices that YouTube wouldn't air it even though I wasn't looking on YouTube.

  10. R.j. Palmero

    There is no hoax or a "lie" or stunt – there is actual documentation this happened for the last several days and facebook noted their error and it has since been resolved…Kirk Cameron has more important priorities in his life than to figure out how to create ideas relating to facebook and his new project…

  11. Joan Kennedy Black

    I tried to connect for a while, as well, and could not get it. This has also happened to me many times when trying to connect to damaging articles about Mr. Obama. I either cannot get them or they shut down after a few seconds. This type of thing has been happening for months on both FB and youtube. Not surprised, just saddened.

  12. Rachel M Wenchell

    This website The Inquisitr reminds me of the old trash mags that I used to see at the supermarket checkout line 😉 The Star reports woman gives birth to alien with 14 heads. You are a joke, inquisitr aa well as your staff.

  13. Brian Dueck

    My wife attempted to post this to facebook as soon as she saw the information about the ban. She was blocked. I can confirm that he indeed was actually blocked by facebook. I find it a stretch to think someone would lie about something so easily verified.

  14. Aiden Aude

    Talia Woods What site says Benghazi never happened? The only thing that people will say is the fake controversy involving Obama was a ridiculous ploy by the right and rightwing media.

  15. Aiden Aude

    There's documentation? Where? No, his video was blocked for spamming. That's what FB does – He claimed FB blocked him and didn't want his video shared. Completely different.

  16. Jana Wick Swancoat

    Interesting. I just tried to watch the video and it is banned from Facebook and YouTube.

  17. Vashta Nerada

    He did it to get you people to post the link, so it would go viral. It worked. Baaaaaaa.

  18. Maria Clay

    Kirk has been able to promote his other movies in the past just fine..He isn't lying to promote his movie. That's so stupid to even try to make Kirk out to be the bad guy. Jeez. Everything is attacking the Christian faith … Huh guess its the true faith why else would it be the only one attacked. This is just another attack to try to make Kirk the bad guy, we know he isn't. He has truly changed and serves God

  19. Jana Wick Swancoat

    I don't know if is the one they are blocking

  20. Marty Raymond

    Obviously the writer and this website is not that good at actual journalism BECUASE TODAY YOUTUBE DID THE SAME THING LOL

  21. Daniel Brown

    I hate Kirk, and I'm sure he's a liar. But I just can't let one thing you said pass:

    "It’s possible that Facebook was able to correct its error shortly after the actor’s post. But that isn’t likely. Mark Zuckerberg isn’t sitting at his computer carefully monitoring Cameron’s Facebook page."

    Of course Mark isn't patrolling Facebook, that's what his COMPANY is for. He doesn't do the policing – he has a team, a company. A huge company. With employees. Lots of employees. Many who focus specifically on site abuse. I know you don't actually think Facebook is run solely by Mark Zuckerber, from his personal computer.

  22. Madeline Smith

    The writer of this is all over the place. One moment he writes that Kirk lied and then he writes that maybe it was the truth. Figure it out and then write a story, stupid! What a waste of time reading this.

  23. Karen Wegner

    Scary how social media can control us either way…and yes, some sites on you tube were inaccessable. Although we have more access to the world, we also are more gullible. Easier to censor…? Just found one on you tube (after trying 3-4 times) that worked. There were addresses that did NOT work. No cover up.

  24. Joann Marie Kosciolek

    Reid Jules, Well I have been trying to view the trailor and it's no where to be found.. It say's it's been taken down do to offensive content. I can't imagine Kirk doing any thing offensive. He's a christian and that's why it's taken down. This country is going down the tube's. God Bless America.

  25. Wade Andrew Tisthammer

    Dude, the YouTube video link you posted says it's blocked!

    From what I've read on the internet though, it looks like YouTube might have blocked it, put it back up, and then blocked it again. Methinks there are a bunch of folks on the internet who keep falsely reporting the video as inappropriate, automatically shutting it down until it gets unblocked. My guess is the same sort of thing happened to Facebook as well.

  26. Bob Fitzgerald

    I see lots of BS bashing Cameron, but he is not the first to try to do something like this, but liberal BS does not get the same treatment on FB and Youtube.

  27. Josie Mark

    They certainly did, saying it was spam and deceptive. smh….

  28. StefanieStylz Gardner

    Wow talk about the devil at work, here he was. Calling Kirk Cameron a lier, misleading, conjuring up a story to sell he movie. Wow Gods work its here Kirk keep up the good work. …Love Dare helped my marriage, it saved it. It brought me to God so I thank.

  29. Donald Ridenbaugh

    People are attacking the christian faith, and your only conclusion is that it could only be because "it's the right one?". Wow. Just… wow. Great reasoning there. Makes total and absolute sense. There's no way it could be anything else, like intolerance of gays, attacking womens rights, genocides throughout history, pedophilia, and a holier than thou attitude that stems from a book written by FALLIBLE HUMANS 1500 years ago that most people that follow the religion haven't even read. Right. Not any of that. They're attacking the christian faith because you're religion is the right one.

  30. Tracy Tribble Pepper

    The Christian faith is the only one attacked? Oh, please, lady. People are attacking Islam all the time! "True faith." Whatever.

  31. Brad Carpenter

    I just checked it and Youtube is allowing his trailer, so not sure what any of you are talking about? I simply went on YouTube and searched, "Kirk Cameron Unstoppable" and got a trailer. Movie looks pretty cool.

  32. DrVincent Polite

    If the spamming theory is right its not his fault, not everyone is a teckkie. Helii I'm one and didn't know about the spamming link between FB and Youtube.

  33. Mary Bryant

    Funny that many of the videos of the trailer are blocked on Youtube as well. I watched the official version as well as an unofficial one and I honestly see nothing that anyone should object to. There is a war on Christianity. It is politically incorrect to discriminate against any other faith other than Christianity.

  34. Keif Gigliotti

    I don't feel sorry for Kirk, he got reported for spam like any other user. it happens when you delete and censor people, you get pay back. Kirk created a mountain out of a molehill. No one, especially a social network he advertises on, shut him down. He's a troll his partner is a troll and they both get trolled back. because we are all so mature.

  35. Eric Danielson

    Interesting twisted view to provide supposed credibility for your obviously one sided view. Your point suggests that such a successful million dollar company doesn't have someone monitoring or software flagging certain words posted on Facebook. If such things were true they would really be opening themselves up to major lawsuits. Of course if something was posted by supporters of gay rights, pro choice, etc. We would probably see you use a little more critical thinking. Well, at least we could hope that this isn't your personal soap box based upon lack of fact and empty rhetoric.

  36. Mike Gast

    Best thing people could have ever done to promote his movie is to report his trailer. Now the word is getting out like wildfire. I love it when intolerant ignorant plans backfire on themselves.

  37. Damon Rambo

    I tried to share the link directly to the website before I even heard about the controversy, and I got the message that the site was blocked. I reported that the blocking was in error…then a bit later, found out that it was already known. So no, Kirk Cameron did not lie. I have proof, right on my Facebook wall…

  38. Katie Goldfield

    It's not a lie. I tried to share on my Dads page and when I clicked "comment" a window appeared saying the link I was trying to post was marked as spam. Then it allowed me to send the link directly to Facebook's team and add a comment about my problem. People who claim he made it up are probably the same people who reported it as spam in the first place.

  39. Anonymous

    Ray Ma is an uninformed geek. Youtube and Facebook can ban whatever they want.
    Facebook moderates posts like these. Kirk Cameron and the company putting out this movie aren't normal people posting videos on Youtube.

  40. Robbie Rambo

    "Evil will only triumph if good men do nothing".Apparently, enough people complained, and they unblocked it. I may or may not watch it, but I con't like others telling me I can't.

  41. Phil Daisey

    so, the President and the media can lie daily but not anyone else… that's HYPOCRISY!

  42. Mary O'b

    I suspect the reason you could even begin to think Kirk Cameron tried to pull a fast one is b/c so many liberal entities use such tactics on a regular basis. Evil is so pervasive in our lives that an upstanding guy couldn't possibly be telling the truth, right?

  43. Crzbaby Four-twenty

    think he just hit wrong setting on pages. I have several pages on fb and the settings are workable and sometimes that happens where something could be labeled as "spammy".just check settings. I don't think he is lying.

  44. Jackie O'Leary

    What do we expect? Kirk is a Christian without any black marks so they have to pick and pick and then make something up.

  45. Sarah Brown-Devost

    Well, I was skeptical myself because I saw the working links…then I went to watch the trailer on YouTube and it was blocked for being "scam or spam" same as what he had said facebook did, so I imagine it did happen. But I don't think it was a conspiracy per-say, sometimes things just get mistakenly marked as spam. Like the monthly statements from my bank, they get delivered to my spam folder. They aren't spam to me, but something about the message makes my mail server believe they are. It's probably some combination of number of posts and wording or something that gets things flagged.

  46. Pam Fick

    He's no more than an attention whore. This is what happens when child stars with narcissistic qualities don't get attention. He got blocked because we don't want his brand of hate. I hear Somalia would love to have him.

  47. Pam Fick

    He got exactly what he wanted. He screamed and cried until people took notice. Whether he lied or not, he knew his sheep would take notice. OMG, religious persecution! He is a LIAR!

  48. Audrey Peters

    did you even read the article? At no point did the author accuse anyone. The author simply stated an alternative to the story that had been told. The reader is left to determine what he or she thinks is the truth. It sounds like you are automatically presuming…rather like what you are accusing the author of. Pretty sure Jesus doesn't like it when people lie about what an article says. It doesn't get you any points, I promise–it just makes all religious people look like idiots and bigots. So I guess we can give you credit for that.

  49. Nicole Dedick

    All I know is, when I clicked a link to go to the movie trailer included in a Yahoo news article (the article claimed the trailer had been banned there and YouTube also) to see what all the hype was about, when I clicked to play the trailer, I got an error message that popped up saying the trailer had been removed due to spammy content. That one I saw for myself, the FB ones I hadn't seen.

  50. Linda Stuckey

    really…… do you people live in holes in the ground…. There is a real world out there with real problems… and all you care about is a grown gay man… who is in denial and a stupid movie…….

  51. Mike Wolverton

    My link disappeared from FB all together. It didn't even post it as a clickable link, just the URL. FB has an odd habit of saying something is spam, making it disappear and then changing it's mind later without telling anyone. This is common.

  52. Jack Cole

    Facebook has never corrected an issue that quickly. Ever. Took us longer than that to have them deal with a child porn site than this. So yeah. pretty damn certain this was either a hoax or an overreaction.

  53. Robert Speer

    I doubt he lied about anything, and I doubt anyone would intentionally block his movie link. I think he just hit a bug or his link wasn't working right for a while and he assumed it was intentional. FYI, posts on facebook, youtube, etc., are marked as spam/copyright/inappropriate only after being reported as such by viewers. Trust me, nobody is trying to silence Kirk Cameron. Not a fan, he got weird after Growing Pains, but nobody really minds it enough to bother. Enjoy the movie.

  54. Jack Cole

    It's as if you people have no clue how FB works. FB didn't "block" him. If he was blocked it was because he or his site got reported. Is there somewhere in your head that you believe Zuckerberg doesn't have more to do than Cameron? You think Zuckerberg sits on FB all day waiting for Cameron to make a post so he can be blocked? No. He got blocked because people hit the report button. He got unblocked when he was able to show he wasn't spamming. The End. Now, if you can show documented evidence that FB intentionally blocked him out of bias then I'll listen to you. Until then, quit talking out your ass. As for it being a hoax, after Jim Baker, no one should be making claims about any "Christian" person's infallibility with any certainty. Claiming faith doesn't make him a saint or God. He might very well have perpetrated a hoax, seems enough people were able to link it to at least raise the question.

  55. Jack Cole

    Yes, it's a massive conspiracy to prevent you from telling your 'truth'. *rme* And yet so many news organizations are able to write and post damaging articles about Obama. And non-journalists too. If there's a conspiracy preventing it, it isn't very effective, is it? Or are you the only one being 'targeted'. Gimme a break.

  56. Jack Cole

    But it was also verified that others were able to post it. If some people could, then it does raise an interesting question.

  57. Jack Cole

    Yes, what a wonderful place this would be if no one made any money and we were all broke.

  58. Anonymous

    If it is accessible for some people than it isn't banned. Doesn't matter if some can't access it. Banning means not accessible or linkable. Meaning nobody would be able to access it.

  59. Anonymous

    Because people who serve God never lie or do bad things for personal gain.

  60. Bruce Bogers

    He can't get his movies carried by mainstream distributors or get any promotion. I don't doubt his convictions, but I also don't doubt that this is just shameless promotion. Another jerk-off using God to make money, and gullible Christians fall for it.

  61. Bruce Bogers

    Every actor tries to promote their movies however they can….creating controversies sell tickets, actors make money. To bad he felt he had to do this to get his message of intolerance for everything non-Christian out. Some Christian. It's all about the money. So sad.

  62. Wendy Macqueen

    I found the trailer on youtube with my computer, but when I used my husbands computer and typed in kirk Cameron unstoppable, youtube wouldn't show me a thing! Weird. I tried three times on his computer and gave up and had him come watch it on mine. Don't know WHAT the heck's wrong!

  63. Wendy Macqueen

    Then why did I find it immediately on Youtube with my computer and 5 minutes later,on my husbands computer, I couldn't get the first thing about unstoppable to show up? Why does that happen?

  64. Gary Simmons

    What do I think? I think it is said that we have a media that only tried to discredit anything good. Our media is one of our country's own worst enemies…

  65. Sandi Loren

    good grief. no one knows kirk cameron's motives as to why he said it was blocked. maybe it was maybe it wasn't. why are people defending him when they don't even know him? he could be making christian movies because its the only work he can get-he isn't a very good actor, or he could just be leading 'his followers' down the path he wants them to take (think of cult situations), or maybe he really is just trying to get the christian message out to the public. how can anyone say they know what he believes in or stands for if they don't personally know him? what a person does in the public eye can be totally different than in their personal lives. just a thought.

  66. Luke Guy

    Sorry but your wrong. The blogger pointed out in two dumb ways. That kirk Cameron lied or overreacted like he is a teenage girl. What was the point of this post anyway? That he overreacted? Please

  67. Joan Kennedy Black

    What is your problem? I did not say there was a conspiracy, merely stated some facts – you drew your own conclusions, sir. Have you tried it? Now, you give me a break.

  68. Zion Ramirez

    Don't spread this crap. It is a lie. Kirk Cameron did not lie, because both me and my wife tried to post the link within an hour of the ban. We got the "abusive content" warning, then by the next day, it was working again, but youtube had blocked it. You are the liar spreading misinformation, not Kirk Cameron.

  69. Nelson Swiger Jr.

    Tracy Tribble Pepper You know I do not understand why anyone would attack Islam, after all there have only been about 21,000 terrorist attacks by Islamic Terrorist since 9/11. Islam allows women to be raped and then punishes the women, not the man. Women are treated as lesser than cows. Please by all means, stand up for Islam.

  70. Anonymous

    The issue is not debatable. YouTube and Facebook admitted unintentional blame. Kirk has demonstrated real and honest conviction. His life has been changed by the God many don't want to see. But don't refuse to look or listen. There is only one God, creator of all things for the purpose of eradicating sin, pain, suffering, evil, corruption and decay. Those that don't want to wallow in their misery should pay attention to the one that can pull them out of their muck. There is only one name – Jesus. I can't wait for Sept. 24. Jesus said, "Come to me all you who are worn out and can't handle it any more. Cast your burdens on me and I will give rest to your souls." And we know He means it because He suffered and died to prove it. Who else, who else has even come near to that? Call out to Him.

  71. C Alana Harmony Fulcher

    Actually, it was blocked. On both Facebook and YouTube. This article explains why without falsely implying that Cameron lied (because that would be a lie):

    Now, I don't even agree with Cameron doctrinally but even I wouldn't falsely accuse him of something like that without any evidence. I wouldn't even imply it baselessly. Especially based on I don't have all of the facts! SMH! Is this the new for of journalism? Don't investigate, instigate! Wow! Just, wow!

  72. Anita Olin

    Nelson Swiger Jr. Christianity has a history of the same things. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

  73. Scott Anderson

    I just looked up "Kirk Cameron Unstoppable" on youtube. Found 3 different postings of the trailer, a video commenting about the trailer, and then a video talking about how youtube has banned it. If youtube is in on some big conspiracy here, they are doing a shithouse job of covering it up.

  74. Salman Rvf

    Jesus doesn't exist, neither does God. If they did, they wouldn't let little kids be molested by priests and then cover it up.

  75. Dan TheMan

    He is one now that thinks any tactic he can use, even lies are ok as long as people follow him or God. It is the old saying that the mean justify the end. I think he is a piece of crap who is brainwashed by religion.

  76. Devian Ford

    Joann Marie Kosciolek Right, because Christians NEVER do anything offensive, like, say, molest children, start aimless wars, murder innocent people, accuse innocent people of impossible crimes, mass genocide of another religion or ethnicity, enslave people for the color of their skin and use a religious text as their excuse to continue enslaving them, rape, etc. Just because he CHOSE to follow a deity does NOT absolve Mr. Cameron (or anyone else, for that matter) from the sin, destruction, and hatred for fellow man, and his vitriol in the media lately has been especially heinous.

  77. Devian Ford

    Nelson Swiger Jr. Fine, how about Pagans? These people were conquered and FORCED to believe in the Roman Catholic religion, or murdered. Even people who WERE Christian were accused of devil worship (because if you don't worship Jesus, you worship the devil; there is no in between), of causing plagues and famine, of murdering babies, all because they used MEDICINE and SCIENCE. It took decades for the peaceful practices of witchcraft (which is communion with nature) to be legal, and the last woman MURDERED for being a witch STILL hasn't been absolved.

    How about Jews? It is even in your holy text that these people have been murdered, enslaved, and nearly wiped out MULTIPLE times (granted, they did the same to their enemies). Research the Spanish Inquisition. Research the Holocaust.

    How about Satanists? Most of them believe in personal responsibility and the betterment of the self (no, that doesn't include ritual sacrifice). They believe that, first and foremost, you are responsible for your actions. This leads to their teachings of self control. Real evil, right?

  78. Alastair Thomas

    what about the time he doctored and distributed the origins of species to students? the mans a liar and a fraud get over it.

  79. Gregg Shoemaker

    Even today Jamestown could still get plenty of kool-aid drinkers.

  80. PC Steak

    I agree with the replies here, but gaining up on this comment will only feed their ammo more. This is because they are trained to think: If there's retaliation, then I'm in the right. <—- Don't ask me how it makes sense. I don't even know. It's one of the several reasons I no longer affiliate myself with a religion and believe what I want, just like I do for others. Unfortunately, not everyone in the world works this way.

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