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Man Dies During Pie Eating Contest

man dies

An Australian man has died during a pie-eating contest at a pub in North Queensland.

Bruce Holland, who was one of eight contestants in the competition, chocked during the event. The 64-year-old, who hailed from Bushland Beach near Townsville, was ferociously eating during the half-time food contest, but he then fell to the ground at around 9pm, before being taken to Townsville Hospital where he was declared dead around an hour and a half later.

As soon as he had hit the floor, two local nurses rushed to his aide, beginning CPR before the paramedics arrived, but unfortunately they were unable to save him.

It is suspected that Mr Holland died of a heart attack, however police have yet to confirm this, and the coroner is currently preparing his report.

Mr Holland was watching his beloved football team, the Maroons, at the establishment when the incident occurred.

Arthur McMahon, who owns the pub where Mr Holland died spoke fondly of the man, stating, “He has been a regular patron for quite a few years and loved his football. He was there to have an enjoyable night and it is such a tragic and unfortunate thing to have happened.”

This was the first pie eating contest to be held at the pub, and Mr McMahon admitted that Mr Holland was the first to enter the event. Discussing the ordeal, he added that Mr Holland had only taken a few mouthfuls when he fell ill.

“He started to gasp,” said Mr McMahon, “and sat down with a glass of water and then passed out. There were seven other people in the competition and the meat was not overly hot.”

Another individual at the pub when he died, Paul Jacobs, remarked that Bruce Holland’s last words were, “Jeez, this chilli pie is hot.”

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7 Responses to “Man Dies During Pie Eating Contest”

  1. Karin Sessions

    There is lies your problem, the man was 64 well over the age for this sort of thing. Your body is not designed to take that much stress when your in your 60's. For the sake of all those who enter they should have a age restriction and you should have health screens before the contests to make sure you're a strong and health and can with stand the stress so that way this does not happen again.

  2. Shelley Stowers

    you would have thought he died from choking…but chocked….wow, first time someone has ever died by chocking…spell check.

  3. Michael Musicman Garceau

    Well, Gluttony will get ya eventually…sad he passed, but sheesh…

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