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Jimmy Carter Defends Edward Snowden, Says ‘America Has No Functioning Democracy’

Jimmy Carter Defends Edward Snowden, Says 'America Has No Functioning Democracy'

Jimmy Carter has come out in support of Edward Snowden, saying the invasion of privacy the NSA whistleblower uncovered has gone too far and had become a restriction on civil rights.

Speaking at a closed-door event of the Atlantik Brucke in Atlanta, Carter railed against US intelligence services and said that the NSA domestic spying program uncovered by Snowden was “beneficial” for Americans to know about.

“America does not have a functioning democracy at this point in time,” the German newspaper Die Spiegel quoted the former US president as saying. There was some question on the validity of the source, however, as no American media outlets reported on the event and it was not clear where Die Spiegel got its source from.

But Jimmy Carter has been openly critical of the NSA in other settings.

“I believe the invasion of privacy has gone too far”, Carter told CNN. “And I believe the secrecy around it was excessive.”

In an article for The New York Times last year, Cater also warned that the United States would “forfeit its moral authority” if it continued to strip away the civil rights of its citizens.

Snowden is currently trapped in an airport in Moscow, hoping to reach one of the Latin American countries offering him asylum from prosecution in the United States. He is facing increasing pressure from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has pressed Snowden into making a decision.

Edward Snowden has now applied for temporary asylum in Russia, but the United States has warned there could be repercussions if Russia harbors him.

Unlike George W. Bush, who has remained out of the public spotlight, and Bill Clinton, who has focused on the work of his Clinton Global Initiative, Jimmy Carter has remained an outspoken critic of many areas of the government and civic life.

In addition to offering his support for Edward Snowden, Jimmy Carter also spoke on the George Zimmerman verdict, saying jurors came to the right decision in the case.

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32 Responses to “Jimmy Carter Defends Edward Snowden, Says ‘America Has No Functioning Democracy’”

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you, Jimmy Carter. Nobody else seems to care that we have become a surveillance society. Snowden is not a criminal, he is a whistleblower who revealed information to the American public about what our government is doing to us. We have a right to know.

  2. Jim Puckett

    Finally, people are finding their senses and their voice. Thank you Mr. Carter for corroborating that our emperor has no clothes. The FISA court is a farce. 10 of the judges were appointed by one man. Do you know who?

  3. Shannon Oakley

    Born in '69 I was, and what you posted is something just said at the family dinner table last night. Jimmy Carter is a damn good man, the only honest president in my lifetime.

  4. Anonymous

    Mr. Carter was not all that successful as a president, but he has been our greatest post-presidency president in my lifetime (71 year. As an honest man and a straight-talker, and for just plain being right, he follows only President Truman in the 20th and 21st centuries, in my estimation.

  5. Steve Hensley

    I knew that he was honest when elected but the Democratic Party doomed him from the beginning of his term. Carter is not a partyline thinker.

  6. Kevin Oge

    That's because we are a Constitutional Federal Republic. Or were. Since when did Washington care about the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or the rule of law? Money and power are the name of the game. Unfortunately, that doomed the Carter Presidency. No room for decent, honest people, apparently.
    By the way, the Carter Administration regrettably ended with a hostage crisis (our buddies in Teheran saw to that), the Soviets in Afghanistan (better them than us), double digit inflation (our waistlines have triple digit), interest rates at 19-20% (good for bank CDs and interest earning assets), a sense of "malaise", and Americans having "self doubt" about the future (why, I'll never know). For the most part, we have had government of, by, and for crooks.

  7. TDriver Tom

    Shawn Jones.. and you accuse Matthew Wirtz of having no grade point average? Where does that put you on the literacy scale? I suppose the next thing you're going to be telling us is that America is so Star-Spangled awesome that we're the only nation in the world with Freedom. There is absolutely no evidence to support the idea that America is the greatest country in the world. We're 7th in literacy, 27th in math, 22nd in science, 49th in life expectancy, 178th in infant mortality, 3rd in median household income, number 4 in labor force, and number 4 in exports. We do lead the world in 2 categories. The number of incarcerated citizens per capita and military spending, where we spend more than the next 26 nations combined, 25 of whom are our allies.

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