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Rachel Bilson Neck Tattoos Are Fake

Rachel Bilson shocked the internet today when she was spotted with a couple of new neck tattoos.

Bilson doesn’t have any known tattoos and her fans were surprised to see the actress make such a bold tattoo choice. She was spotted at LAX this morning with four bright stars in plain site on her neck.

Well, according to OMG!, the tattoos are not real.

A rep for the actress said that the new ink is definitely temporary and that Bilson only got the tattoo for an upcoming role.

The actress’ IMDB page doesn’t show any upcoming projects so it’s unclear what “role” the tattoos are for. Maybe Dr. Zoe Hart has decided to add some ink to her body.

Are you disappointed that Rachel Bilson’s tattoos are fake?

The actress may appear in a movie with tattoos but it isn’t likely that she gets any in real life.

Bilson said back in 2009: “Nope – I don’t have any (tattoos). I haven’t slept in the same thing for two years straight, so that’s how I can’t get one.”

Here’s a photo or Rachel Bilson’s new, but fake, tattoos.

[Image Via Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com]