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Bar Refaeli Kisses Female Friend Orna Elovitch [Photo]

Bar Refaeli found another interesting kissing partner this week. The supermodel, who famously locked lips with Go Daddy Nerd Jesse Heiman earlier this year, was recently spotted kissing her girl friend Orna Elovitch.

Refaeli posted a photo of herself kissing Orna on Instagram this week.

The supermodel writes: “B & O standing on the grass and k.i.s.s.i.n.g.”

Orna Elovitch isn’t a public figure like Bar Refaeli but the blog Zap 2 It notes that Elovitch and Refaeli have been friends for a long time.

The two even share a very similar sense of fashion. Refaeli posted another picture of herself and Elovitch wearing the same bikini (see below). Refaeli swears that it wasn’t planned.

Refaeli is frequently seen on the cover of magazines and walking down runways but her Instagram account is full of personal photos.

She recently posted an image of her waking up with some bedhead, some blurry dance photos, and an image featuring Bar Refaeli, a skimpy bikini, and a pair of water wings.

Here’s the image of the super model kissing her friend Orna Elovitch.