Sony: PSP is “getting a bit old”

Please forgive the faint smell of cabbage in here, won’t you. It’s just … well, it’s the PSP. *whispers*It’s getting kind of old, see.

But don’t take my biased word for it. Sony itself is now admitting that the handheld, first released in 2004, is becoming a little gray around the edges. Speaking to, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida confessed that, “… after five or six years, and releasing many games, there’s no denying that people start to see that [PSP] is getting a bit old.”

Yoshida then revealed the company is looking at new tech to prepare for the inevitable PSP2. It just won’t be 3D, ‘kay? That is, until the Nintendo 3DS sells like the hottest of cakes and Sony has no choice but to follow by example.

“… In terms of looking at new technology, it’s always the case that as soon as we look at a new platform or new tech, our R&D teams start looking at what’s new in the general space. So yes, we have been looking at new technologies, and looking at the options that we have. It’s not the right time for me to say anything about it.”

Earlier this year rival Nintendo pulled the wraps off of the Nintendo 3DS, an update of its popular DS handheld that can produce glasses-free 3D visuals. It looks thoroughly swish, as you can see, so something big is expected from Sony, which has done better than any other company to challenge Nintendo in the handheld gaming arena.

Now, anyone for a PSP Go? (LOL)

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