The George Zimmerman trial could make an interesting video game

George Zimmerman Trial: How To Make It A Video Game [Op-Ed]

The George Zimmerman trial could make for an interesting video game.

For a while now, you have probably heard about George Zimmerman, a Neighborhood Watch member who followed Trayvon Martin, ignoring police advice. He shot the boy because he claimed Trayvon looked suspicious with his hoodie on walking by the apartment complex at night, and then claimed self defense.

If any Capcom type developers out there wanted to take this on, this could be a new real-world approach to the Phoenix Wright games, where you can take the evidence and testimony and decide on the verdict yourself.

However, there are more creative ways to take the George Zimmerman trial as a video game. If you want to go the open-world route, George Zimmerman, or a similarly named character, could be the main character in a Grand Theft Auto knock-off. He could be a vigilante out to punish evildoers before they do their evil, using a sort of Minority Report interface to determine guilt as he watches various citizens go by the neighborhood. Every successful kill would earn you points toward deduction skills and better weapons, while every innocent kill would make you a subject of public hatred and retaliation.

The George Zimmerman trial could also be set after the legal system finds him guilty and puts him away for life, turning it into a sort of Chronicles of Riddick game where you try to figure out how to escape. The first level is a simple jail-house where they would be holding him for further questioning at a later date, with the second level being the Florida State prison, the third being Guantanamo or some other maximum security prison, and the final stage being a race against time to escape before being sent to the electric chair.

That last one might raise some eyebrows, but it could work.

The proceeds for the George Zimmerman trial video game could go towards the family of Trayvon Martin and furthering the legal training of Florida law firms to ensure no more innocent victims are left without justice.

What do you think of the possibility of a George Zimmerman trial based video game