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Have Mercy! Jesse And The Rippers To Reunite On Fallon

Uncle Jesse and The Rippers are back!

John Stamos will be sort-of reprising his role as Jesse Katsopolis from the ’90s sitcom Full House to perform with his fictional band The Rippers on Friday’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

“Uncle Jesse” has been hinting at a potential reunion for weeks on Twitter, and on Monday, Stamos posted a video to his Instagram page showing The Rippers performing the Full House theme, with the caption “never thought I’d be singing THIS song.”

Nobody thought you’d be singing that song, Uncle Jesse.

It is unknown whether any other Full House alum will be on-hand for the Jesse and The Rippers reunion show, but a handful of them have tweeted support to Stamos.

Jimmy Fallon kind of has a thing for bringing back ’80s and ’90s TV show casts. In 2009, he lobbied for a Saved by the Bell reunion, which resulted in Mark-Paul Gosselaar appearing on the show in-character as Zack Morris.

Earlier this year, Fallon also managed to pull together a Cosby Show reunion.

We’re going to have to wait until Friday to see what will come of the reunion, or what Jesse and The Rippers will play on Fallon’s show. It’s all speculation at this point as to why they chose to get back together, but our favorite theory comes from uproxx‘s Josh Kurp:

“The members of the revered rock band hadn’t spoken to each other in over a decade, since their lead singer and lyricist, heartthrob Jesse Katsopolis, left the group to form Hot Daddy and the Monkey Puppets, but according to drummer Guy In Flannel Shirt, ‘I decided to pick up the phone, and let the hatred slide off of me…forever.’ ”

Are you looking forward to the reunion of Jesse and The Rippers?

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