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Darryl Green: 16-Year-Old Chicago Boy Killed For Refusing To Join Gang

Darryl Green: 16-Year-Old Chicago Boy Killed For Refusing To Join Gang

Darryl Green was killed in Chicago this week, and relatives say the shy 16-year-old was slain after refusing to join a local gang.

Green’s body was found this week in the Englewood neighborhood where he lived, inside a boarded up house. Police said he was lying face down on a set of basement stairs when the found the boy.

Witnesses said there were no visible markings on his body, but family members of Darryl Green said the teen was beaten to death. The Harper High School student had stopped going to classes, and relatives said he was killed because of his refusal to join a gang.

“He never goes anywhere. It’s just so shocking for this to happen to anyone,” said Juanita Green Bonner, victim’s aunt.

Green’s murder took place in what has been an especially violent month in Chicago, which in recent years has seen an explosions in killings and gun crime. At least 74 people were shot on the Fourth of July weekend alone, with 12 of those dying from their injuries.

Chicago has already surpassed the 200 homicide mark for the year, though last year at this point there were more than 275 murders.

“While to date we’ve had significantly fewer shootings and significantly fewer murders this year, there’s more work to be done and we won’t rest until everyone in Chicago enjoys the same sense of safety,” Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said in a statement.

Though this year has actually seen a dip in gun-related crime in Chicago, slayings like that of Darryl Green continue to paint the city in violent strokes.

In the wake of the Darryl Green killing, some national media outlets have picked up on the incident, calling for justice for the teenager, calling on politicians and local Chicago leaders to address both the slaying and the spate of violence in the city.

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38 Responses to “Darryl Green: 16-Year-Old Chicago Boy Killed For Refusing To Join Gang”

  1. Brian V. Sitterley

    May God comfort his family and grant the killers to be swiftly captured. Darryl Green, I fear, will be swiftly and unjustly forgotten.

  2. Brian V. Sitterley

    May God comfort his family and grant the killers to be swiftly captured. Darryl Green, I fear, will be swiftly and unjustly forgotten.

  3. Anthony Giordano

    Where are the liberal scumbags and their protests and justice demands? Oh wait there were no white people involved, so they must just ignore it. Hey Obama does this kid look like your son? Dumbass

  4. Robin Hart

    Well Anthony, presumably liberal scumbags won't be protesting because if the thugs that did this are caught, they'll be immediately arrested, tried and most likely found guilty of murder. Therefore there really aren't any demands to be made for justice. I know it's complicated…except when it isn't.

  5. Joseph Grant III

    I agree. Obama hasn't done nearly enough to address the overwhelming violence in Chicago and other inner cities. For reasons unknown, he seems to casually distance himself from crime issues and most focuses on the economy. I don't think he is a dumbass, but a politician susceptible to the pressures and expectations of that position. Being POTUS is no easy task, and I think he has merked more terrorists than any POTUS before him. I really think the blame falls on 70% out of wedlock birthrate in the AA community. Until that changes, all these other problems such as crime, poor education, and economic disenfranchisement will continue to plague blacks. This is an issue many AA politicians refuse to address because it will offend many of their voters.

  6. Stephen Donley

    So messed up and the media clearly blowing the treyvon zimmerman case out for racial conflict, this poor young man was brave and stood up for what he believes in and it cost him his whole life…the United states and media are what's wrong with this country, rip to this brave young man along with treyvon…its deeper than race people it's the puppets controlled by evil strings…god bless

  7. Ramera Since

    The media in chicago constantly reports about it. No national media outlets will though. It doesn't benefit them. It just leads to constant blame instead of action because of the media's refusal to let everyone know what's going on. There are people trying to do something about it, but there's just not enough to help offset the problem.

  8. Ramera Since

    The media in chicago constantly reports about it. No national media outlets will though. It doesn't benefit them. It just leads to constant blame instead of action because of the media's refusal to let everyone know what's going on. There are people trying to do something about it, but there's just not enough to help offset the problem.

  9. Amy Diane Holt

    This is so sad. It hurts to read the news anymore. I can't imagine his family, his mother. May God hold her close. Rest in peace, little one.

  10. Dawn Borden

    With all that has happened this past weekend, why was this buried? I am in California and came across this story. I want to know where is HIS mob? My heart and prayers go out to his family!

  11. Yelonda Sims

    Well, three things. First, why call the protesters of Zimmerman being charged scumbags? Second, I think they are trying to get the attention to demand justice for this young kid. Third, I'm sure the killer didn't call 911 and confess to the killing as Zimmeman did. If so, then they'd investigate and make an arrest. There are so many killings where there isn't a known suspect. The protest in the Z case was about them having the person that killed him, and let him go taking him only at his word. If the gansters who did this confessed to killing him but claimed self defense and they were just let go, yep same thing would happen. And for me, it makes no difference of the race. A wrongful death is a wrongful death. If Zimmeman was black and Trayvon was white/hispanic, and Zimmerman walked free like he did, I think there would still be an outrage. For me it would.

  12. John Borman

    Great post Joseph. Need more intelligent talk like this about all these tough issues.

  13. Bill Conol

    The Chicago police should be running wild in that neighborhood just rousting these gang members making their life so difficult they can't take a crap until someone drops dimes on this kids killers.

  14. Johny Appleseed

    Yelonda Sims while a agree with a portion of what you say you are fooling yourself if think that the AA community, AA leadership or media would make the same sink if gangsters who did this crime called 911 claimed self-defense.

  15. Jason Scott Blundell

    Constant black on black crime in major cities like Chicago, but the Obama administration and the mainstream media don't address it, cause it doesn't work with their agenda. There were 74 shootings just this past Independance Day in Chicago, IL, one of the most gun restricted cities and states in the country, but "gun control" is working and will work even better with more restrictions. Yea, right. You can't bullshit me. Plus, the family of the victim said he was beaten to death, which means Darryl wasn't murdered by some criminal pulling a trigger. Imagine that. Inanimate objects, aside from firearms, like a blunt weapon can be used to murder people. Wow. Who would've thought. It's not like blunt objects have ever been used to murder people. It's not like blunt objects have a higher rate of being used in murders, than firearms do. For the people who aren't intelligent, those last two sentences were sarcasm.

    Stop listening to the media and the Obama administration! Please, understand they're all lying to you! Why do you think it's not possible for the government to lie to their beloved supporters? They have an agenda and it's not to protect or care for you. It's to make themselves wealthier and more powerful, no matter what, even if it means sacrificing thousands lives.

    The Zimmerman case had nothing to do with race! It was purely self-defense.

    Wake up and open your eyes America!

  16. Debra Guevara

    Where care Sharpton and Jesse Jackson..this is where things need to change …..start teaching children that it's not ok to have blacks kill blacks????.

  17. Maslow Jenkins

    I see it as less of a refusal to report what's "going on", and more simply prioritizing reports that will draw in the most viewers. Racially charged situations are great for that.

  18. Bill Russell

    Exactly what I posted after the verdict, we seem to want to make a scapegoat out of Zimmerman, yes he's guilty & yes I'm feeling his family's pain & anguish. But what about the thousands of Blacks being killed by our own, it's pathetic!! And how dare someone blame Obama, the integrity & the violence has to stop in the streets!

  19. Shonya SweetSmelling-Good Dunlap


  20. Chris Mackey

    You know, on The Walking Dead forums, they have a slogan, "If Darryl Dies, We Riot." Damn straight! We should be rioting – peacefully – about the murder of this kid. Where the hell is Obama talking about his son looking like Darryl? Where the hell is Nancy Dis-Grace? Where are all the news networks? This kid was against joining a gang, and he was murdered for it. Where's Rihanna talking about "saddest news ever?" Where's Beyoncé's moment of silence for Darryl? Where's Katy Perry talking about how racist our country is because of what happened to Darryl? Oh, that's right, politicians and celebs have a lot in common. One of those things is that they're media whores. They flock to wherever they'll get the biggest headlines. Shame on them, and shame on the city of Chicago for allowing this crap to continue. 74 people shot on 4th of July, and 12 die. Disgusting.

  21. Natasha Lott

    Yes I have to agree with most of these comments. The Liberal media, Obama, Al Sharpton, and the other people who claim they stand up for what's right, is the cause of the confusion/nonsense with this nation. Why do you go and make a big uproar for someone who was trying to protect himself and his neighborhood, and was justified rightly? Look at the news that they quietly "skip over" with this poor young man refusing to do evil and died in what they wanted him to do. I pray for the family in this tough time as well as those who took it. For I know God allows us to come to repentance and ask for forgiveness, but he's also a Just God. For vengeance is mine saith the Lord. #IamGeorgeZimmermann #IamDarrylGreen

  22. Natasha Lott

    I'm sorry I had to laugh but this is funny and true at the same time !!! Also, sad. #SMH

  23. Annabel Young

    LOL, i'm sure Chicago is trying to get the gangs out

  24. David Temple

    Joseph Grant III thanks for serving Sir. I am retired from military and served in Reg. Army and the National Guard. Walter Williams and many others say the same thing. What I don't understand is the lefts argument ad nauseum that poverty is root cause of crime.
    We should have had our prisons overflowing with criminals in the depression and under those despicable Jim Crow laws when racism kept most black s from advancing (last hired, first fired) or only getting menial jobs even in our military.Lack of morality and everything else you said is correct. Not just black Americans but whites etc. West Virginia is first in nation in many case but negative ones i.e. tobacco use, obesity, out of wedlock births, lack of parental and father support, etc. among a predominantly white population. People HAD to lift themselves up and take responsibility as there were no government safety nets nor abortion on demand or divorce on demand (no fault divorce) to fall back on. It is here and even encouraged by our society,. Is it any wonder? If it is difficult financially to raise a family with 2 parents then it goes to show with more it more so. Amazingly, people can afford tobacco (okay so a habit) or cell phones, ipods, video games, cable,etc. My grandmother always taught to get rid of any you don't absolutely need to save money. She was very frugal on a meager income but her home,etc was paid off long before she and my grandfather retired.

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