free slurpee day 2013

Free Slurpee Day Captivates Web, Not Everyone Is Happy

Yesterday was 7-Eleven’s Free Slurpee Day, and if you missed it, you’ve gotta pony up two bucks today for a frozen slushee treat.

Free Slurpee Day is a yearly thing, and on July 11 (7/11), Seven Eleven (or 7-11) always gave away a 7.11 ounce Slurpee.

Amusingly, we found out, many 7-11 outlets carried the theme further — giving out Free Slurpee Day treats until 7 PM only… or was it 7:11?

First and foremost, Free Slurpee Day has to be a massive loss leader for the convenience chain, and users across Twitter sent out pics of long lines at 7-11 outlets as much of America queued for their complimentary slush beverage.

The chain readied for the onslaught by taking to Twitter and reminding followers about Free Slurpee Day, telling fans:

#7ElevenDay is tomorrow so RSVP for your free @Slurpee drink and then work on your #SlurpeeDance moves.

7-11 later teased with a beautifully branded pic and retro feel evoking their old-school three color combo, which is pretty endearing after all:

“Do you have 2 empty hands? Fill one with a free small @Slurpee drink TODAY at 7-Eleven from 11AM to 7PM. #7ElevenDay”

Soon, Twitter was awash in Free Slurpee Day tweets, and many users attested to a lot of interest in the event… because let’s face it, who’s gonna turn down a free Slurpee?

One user said:

Another tweeted:

Not everyone was so lucky:

And there was this poor chick:

Did you attend Free Slurpee Day and score your yearly on the house slush?