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Florida Police Arrest Burglar As He Naps

A Florida burglar was caught by police after he was caught having a nap in the home that he was in the process of robbing.

Domonique Pinkard and Julian Evangelist broke into a home in Lady Lake, Florida on Sunday morning, but Pinkard must not have had a good night’s sleep the evening before because halfway through the incident he decided that he needed a nap in order to continue.

Pinkard decided to have a nap on the victim’s sofa, however when it came time to leave the 20-year-old Evangelist decided to leave him in the abode.

The pair allegedly decided to start the robbery at 7:30 a.m, and they booted down the back door to get into the home as they looked to acquire all of the electronics and jewellery that they could get their hands on.

When Evangelist decided to take a TV set out to their vehicle, 21 year-old Pinkard decided to have a lie down on the couch and take a nap.

Chief Chris McKinstry, said in a statement, “Evangelist apparently chose not to wake Pinkard, but left with the victim’s TV instead. Pinkard awoke to police arresting him.”

McKinstry admitted that the homeowner walked back into his house and spotted the assailant sleeping in the living room, before he then silently backed out of the lounge and then called police.

McKinstry declared, “I’ve never broken into a home… But I don’t think I would be able to fall asleep. He [Pinkard] feels pretty comfortable in others’ surroundings.”

Pinkard was then searched, where they found jewellery in his pockets, and he then lead them to Evangelist where they were able to locate the other pieces of stolen property, which was located down the block from where the robbery took place.

The pair now face charges of grand larceny theft and burglary, and they were then both booked in the Lake County Jail.

[Image via Djomas/Shutterstock]