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Casey Anthony’s Parents Garage Sale Includes Caylee’s Stuff

Casey Anthony Garage Sale

Casey Anthony’s parents recently held a garage sale where they sold various items belonging to Caylee Anthony.

Cindy and George were selling household items at Casey’s grandparent’s home in Mount Dora, Florida when they decided to sell Caylee’s toys and clothes. spoke with some residents in the area and learned that the garage sale went down on June 28. Florida resident Christina Werner said she picked up various items that once belongs to Caylee Anthony.

Werner tells the publication:

“I drove by and noticed the house looked familiar to me. I had seen this house before. I got close and noticed that the people outside really looked like George and Cindy Anthony. It was the home of Casey Anthony’s grandparents.”

Christina then explains that she recognized the two tarps being used to cover items when it was raining outside. The tarps were the same ones used to create tents during the search for Caylee.

After realizing who the sellers were, Christina quickly jumped into action and purchased some of the garage sales items. The next day Christina headed back to the home where she purchased more items.

According to the Florida resident, nobody else at the garage sale appeared to know who the sellers were.

Realizing she was at the garage sale for Casey Anthony and Caylee Anthony’s belongings, she took the video shown at the top of this page.

Would you purchase items that you knew belongs to Caylee Anthony and Casey Anthony? Christina Werner hasn’t revealed if she has any plans for the purchased items.

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11 Responses to “Casey Anthony’s Parents Garage Sale Includes Caylee’s Stuff”

  1. Lisa Williams

    That is disgusting. They should have given the toys to a woman and Children's shelter or something. That woman has to know she just helped give money to Casey Anthony and helped them "profit" from Caylee's death.

  2. Cathy Bishop

    Would I purchase things I knew belonged to Caylee Anthony? Probably. If I knew that they were selling everything, trying to erase any memory of her, that is one thing. Come on people, what are they suppose to do with her things, keep everything in storage or the attic, or something, never letting anyone else enjoy the pleasure of a child's toy? I'm sure these grand-parents have set aside a few precious memorials of their grand-daughter. Even if they haven't, is that anyones business?

  3. Shelli Marie Christiansen

    The "lady" with the camera is scum of the earth! Pretending to befriend the Anthony's for a story. Why would you keep everything that was your dead grandaughter's? She won't be using them anytime soon! I am sure they have special mementos that are important that have been kept. Disgusting judging them, while you have a hidden camera in your purse! How much did you get paid for that clip? People like you make me sick!

  4. Dee Seneca

    I can understand that they no longer want those things as a reminder, but why not donate them, to a charity? I agree with Shelli here that we should not be so readily to crucify these people. I am sure that they live day to day with heartache to know that their daughter killed her child because she was not ready to be a parent….. for the woman who filmed this… shame on you, you are no better than their daughter.

  5. Susan Granack

    what good did that do to everyone? showed that she was getting some toys from casey anthonys grandparents. what is a big deal?

  6. Becky Fields

    They killed that child!!! Everyone of them are wrong even that lady…..since that seems to be ur focus!!!!!!???? Where's the child??????

  7. Rain Seidla

    Clearly you don't know much about the case and you need to Google if you are asking "where is the child".

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