Better Call Saul

‘Breaking Bad’ Spin Off ‘Better Call Saul’ Is Looking Likely


Are you still freaking out that Breaking Bad is coming to an end after it airs the last eight episodes? You may have some relief coming your way in the near future.

As we reported before a spin off of the Breaking Bad series might be in the works, but now as the series winds down that possibility is looking more like a reality. In a conversation with creator Vince Gilligan, The Wrap revealed that the Better Call Saul spin off may just happen.

Better Call Saul would be a spin off of everyone’s favorite sleazy lawyer Daul Goodman played by Bob Odenkirk. The show would follow Saul’s zany and often hilarious life as he defends other criminal clients.

Gilligan told The Wrap they he will probably appoint Peter Gould, who is producing Breaking Bad. If the series evolves into a fully fledged television show, Gould would likely run the show.

Of the possible spin off, Gilligan said:

“We are plugging away coming up with a pitch and a take on it for the network and studio and hopefully everyone will agree that there’s a really fun show to be had here.”

Galligan continued:

“You never know, when the dust settles at the end of our final eight episodes, where everybody’s gonna be and who’s gonna be left standing.”

In addition to Breaking Bad, Bob Odenkirk starring in the 90s cult comedy HBO’s Mr. Show with Bob and David. The David in question was of course Arrested Development star David Cross.

As far as some Breaking Bad scoop, in a recent interview with Pop Sugar, Aaron Paul said of the last eight episodes:

“I could not wait. I’m a huge fan of the show as well. You guys are gonna sh*t your pants!”

Are you going to miss Breaking Bad? Will you watch the spin off?