Closure Of Public Toilets Can Lead To Health Issues

Hundreds of public toilets have been closed in England this year due to budget cuts. This widespread closure of public toilets can lead to health issues, according to experts.

Health experts believe this situation has gotten so bad that people feel prisoners in their own homes.

“Not being able to empty your bladder may cause a temporary increase in blood pressure which could put some at risk of stroke,” Dr. Clare Walton, of the Stroke Association, said.

Raymond Boyd Martin, managing director of the British Toilet Association, said that the closure of public toilets is a major health problem.

“These cuts affect the health of the nation, with the elderly and disabled really hit hard,” he said. “Not being able to go causes all sorts of medical problems, from raised blood pressure and bladder issues to infections.”

Michelle Mitchell, Age UK’s Charity Director General, said that public toilets are vital for a lot of older people.

“Worrying about being caught short or facing the indignity of having an accident in public can have a devastating impact on people in later life, resulting in many feeling increasingly stuck at home and cut off from the rest of society,” she said.

“There are dozens of other ways in which councils should be looking to make savings without looking at removing the provision of public toilets,” Matthew Sinclair, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said.

“If local authorities are closing these facilities, they owe it to their residents to ensure that alternative provision is available for free, such as through the Community Toilet Scheme which operates in some areas. Under that scheme, pubs and other private sector providers offer public use of their toilets in return for a small sum from the council,” Sinclair added.

What do you think about the closure of public toilets in England? Do you believe citizens should always have access to public restrooms?

[Image via Shuttershock]