Surfer Found With Shark Bites Killed Himself

A surfer who was found with shark bites in May actually killed himself before the shark got to him.

Brandon Beaver was found face down in the water in La Jolla, Calif. with shark bites all over him. Everyone thought a shark killed him until an autopsy report revealed that he died before he was bitten by the shark.

“There was no evidence whatsoever that his death was due to shark attack, as all findings indicated postmortem marine animal activity,” the autopsy report states.

Although the surfer found with shark bites wasn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he did have a history of mental illness. According to his fiancee, Beaver had a history of depression, bipolar disorder and suicidal thoughts. He also was stressed about financial and family problems.

When investigators first discovered Beaver’s body, they admitted that there were strange findings. For example, his truck was found in a nearby beach area with the doors unlocked and the keys in the ignition.

His wetsuit was also taken off and tied around his surfboard. “That someone would take their wet suit off while they’re out at sea, and then tie it around their surf board and then disappear — I’ve never seen anything like it,” Lt. Everhart, a 29-year lifeguard veteran, said.

One surfer who was by the area said that he found it strange how far out Beaver was. “He was really, really far out there. Like double the distance of where the other surfers were at the time,” surfer Tommy Calagna said.

Surfer Neil Ratnavira also saw Beaver in the water that day. “He was having a rough time paddling out there because it was choppy and windy, but no indication he was out there to take his own life,” he said.

It really is a shame that the surfer found with shark bites actually took his own life.

[Image via ABC News]