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CNN Broadcast Cut Short By Egyptian Military [Shocking Video]


A CNN broadcast near Tahrir Square in Egypt was abruptly cut short this week when military officials showed up and seized the crew’s cameras.

The situation in Egypt is becoming more unstable by the day, and the chaos seemed to have overflowed onto CNN’s Ben Wedeman, a senior international correspondent for the network.

He was reporting after 11pm local time from Cairo’s 6th October Bridge, where multiple people were killed in clashes earlier in the day.

Wedeman began:

We are right off of Tahrir Square, where four armored personnel carriers have been deployed with around 100 soldiers from the Egyptian army to reestablish order here. The [inaudible] seems to have come to an end, and I’m told, we’re told—

At that point, Wedeman is cut off by a uniformed member of the Egyptian military. He points at the camera, shouts, and ultimately grabs it.

“They’re trying to take away our camera,” Wedeman said off-screen. After a few hectic seconds, the broadcast cuts off entirely.

Rumors began to spread online that Wedeman was arrested, but he cleared up the confusion with a message to Twitter:

Still, the video of the CNN broadcast is incredibly gripping, and gives you a small taste of how unstable the situation has become in Egypt. You can watch it for yourself below and let us know what you think: