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Sophia Loren New Movie Role A Demanding Spotlight On Iconic Star

Sophia Loren will reportedly start shooting her new film, La Voce Umana (The Human Voice) in Italy sometime this month. The movie based on a 1930 one-act one-person play by Jean Cocteau will be directed by the 78-year-old Italian actress’ 40-year-old son Edoardo Ponti.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, it’s the iconic former sex symbol’s first starring role since the 2004 Lina Wertmueller comedy Peperoni ripieni e pesci in faccia.

There aren’t tons of details being released just yet, but The Hollywood Reporter said that Sophia Loren’s new movie will be filmed in Neapolitan dialect in approximately three weeks in Rome, Ostia, and Naples. When your lead is 78, there’s no time like the present to get to work.

While the news was greeted with general enthusiasm, it does beg the question of how many people are actually going to turn out for what sounds like a bit of a specialty act. The original La Voix humaine was written in French and involved a woman on stage talking on a telephone with an unseen man who is dumping her over the phone.

In addition to the switch from French to Neopolitan, I think we’re going to have to assume that there will be substantial changes made to the original script. A 78-year-old woman yapping on the phone for 90 minutes doesn’t immediately strike me as the most visually interesting idea for cinema.

One of her fans keeps telling me that Sophia Loren doesn’t age. And the comments on Twitter reflect that belief that the Italian bombshell is a genuine timeless beauty.

Well, that’s why they pay her the big bucks. No doubt it’s evidence of my evil character, but I’m morally convinced that a pretty face on a movie screen is all about something physical — something visual anyway.

And that goes double when the pretty face in question is in an art movie in the dialect of some language I don’t understand.

So what do you think? Will you be seeking out Sophia Loren’s new movie?

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