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Lindsay Lohan Headed To New York After Rehab [Report]


Lindsay Lohan will reportedly head to New York after her rehab stint is over later this month, according to her mom, Dina Lohan.

To avoid the temptations of Hollywood and give sobriety her best shot this time around, Lohan will reportedly return to her native New York after her Cliffside Clinic stay in Malibu is over. She is currently wrapping up a court-ordered 90-day treatment program, which insiders say is going well for the actress.

It was previously rumored that Lindsay wanted to go off the grid after being released from rehab, and according to her mother, she will return to New York and completely avoid Los Angeles for the now. 

Dina told the New York Daily News:

“She’s not going to live in Los Angeles. She will definitely start back home (in New York) with all of us (her family).”

Lohan’s latest rehab stay, her sixth in recent years, has seen the actress under far stricter conditions than before. She even put in a request to be transferred to the Cliffside Clinic, alleging that there was underground drug use among patients at Betty Ford.

Some of the strict rules in the new joint meant that Lohan spent her 27th birthday alone, but family members did send her cards and presents in the mail. Additionally, she thanked well-wishers on Twitter Tuesday.


“It was a very calm, low-key birthday. We couldn’t visit because it (her birthday) fell during the week, but we mailed her cards and gifts,” Dina said.

Once Lindsay gets out of rehab, Dina says that her family is planning on a party. “We’re going to work it out to all go visit her again, and then we’re planning the pool party,” she said.

Lindsay Lohan Will Go Into Hiding After Rehab

For all intents and purposes, it will probably be a “dry” pool party.

Do you think that Lindsay Lohan should avoid Hollywood for a while?

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