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Seattle Gay Pride Protesters Attack Street Preachers

Seattle Gay Pride Protesters Attack Street Preachers At Rally, Make YouTube

Seattle Gay Pride protesters attacked a group of street preachers at Pride Fest in a YouTube video uploaded on July 1.

The video runs close to six minutes in length, and the violent portion begins at about the 2:35 mark after which officers from the Seattle Police Department arrive on the scene and question the parties involved.

The YouTube poster, who also filmed the footage, goes by the handle “Rogue Reflections” and shared his thoughts on the scene. “While photographing this event, I witnessed a growing anger from some of the crowd, towards the preachers. All of a sudden a few members in the crowd attacked the street preachers. I switched to video to document the incident.”

The poster continued: “I DO NOT condone what the attackers did. While I don’t agree with these preachers, it is their Constitutional right to be in public and preach. I think it is tragic that some of the people who justifiably want tolerance in their life, deny that same tolerance to others. I commend the responding Seattle PD Officers for the professional way they handled this situation. The main aggressor was arrested.”

When the video begins, a female protester and a 36-year-old male protester, later identified as Jason Queree, are verbally assaulting the street preachers, one of whom is holding a sign that reads, “Repent or else.” Lots of profanity in the video, so definitely NSFW if you want to give it a look below.

At one point, a 22-year-old male attempts to wrest the sign from the street preacher’s hands, and the two go to the ground. At this moment, it’s allegedly Queree, who runs up from behind and attacks the preacher with a series of punches. Queree was later arrested, his 29th time since 1995, KOMO News noted.

Here’s another look at the video. (Again, NSFW.)

Tensions have certainly been high since the US Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act last month, and the Seattle gay pride protesters who attacked the street preachers are not alone in the disturbing trend towards violence.

Two days ago, two men assaulted a LGBT teen on a New York subway following a pride event.

Do you think violence, such as the Seattle gay pride protesters attacking the street preachers, will continue in the wake of the DOMA ruling?

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56 Responses to “Seattle Gay Pride Protesters Attack Street Preachers”

  1. Chris Fleming

    that could've all been avoided if they would've realized that everyone has the right to their own beliefs, so what they had signs up, what was that hurt'ng anyone, no……funny how the fat guy & girls didn't stick around for the cops to show their ass……..those 2 hold'ng signs, were b'ng respectable…..yes they held up signs, but did they physically attack anyone, no they were attacked……god judges everyone, so why go off on someone for what they believe…….its not different than gay bash'ng as to what they did……it did not have't to be that way, either drug or alcohol or both were involved I'm sure……

  2. Dee Ree

    Well, the gays are fighting back. They are tired of the constant harassment. Maybe the protesters will think twice about disrupting there once a year festivals and allow them a little peace to enjoy it for a little while. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. If they can't take the heat…..

  3. Cody Wright

    I fail to see one smart or muture person on this whole video…everyone envoled is a moron and doesn't stand for anything but just want to be seen and use any excuse to act like fools. Both sides are pathetic, but at least sign dude wasn't yelling like a dumbass or taking his shirt off in a drunk rage like the pale big tit wigger did….no hope for the human race…nope.

  4. Dennis Engle

    That is what happens when the devil is confronted with the truth. Seen it happened many times before. The devil will use any vehicle avalable to lash out. Kudos to the preacher for recognizing what was going on..

  5. Scott Woody

    If some group is having a rally, NO ONE that is on the other side should be allowed to protest at all. If you do, you go to jail…period…… Remember history always repeats its self. Bad things come out of events like this. If you don't like what they have to say, stay the fuck away….This is why I don't like to be around things like this. To many dumb people in the world think they can do what they want……

  6. John Mansky

    I'm really doubtful that the guy that attacked the preacher was gay. He's holding the girls hand and walking away like they're a couple. Also, a bunch of kids started the fight with the guy to begin with. Blaming this on gays because it happened at a pride rally is like blaming violence an abortion clinic on a woman having an abortion. Ridiculous.

  7. John Mansky

    ROFLOL, wow, I'll pray for you. ROFLOL, and your sad, sad life.

  8. ChiMeng Chang

    You apparently haven't done your history – the real TRUTH is that religion and religious zealots are the CAUSE of many wars, destruction and oppression through the ages. They may be dressed in calm demeanor, but they are the Devil preaching Intolerance and Hate. Bigotry wrapped in prayer and "peaceful" protest is still bigotry. Do you think Christians would be tolerant if lets say HRC or any gay advocate group held banners and preached support for gay rights at a Christian revival retreat?

  9. Debra Cares

    Everyone has the right to stand and peaceably speak their mind in public but I think the street preachers are over zealous and should not show up where it is clearly a 'gay thing'.

  10. ChiMeng Chang

    @ Mary Alice Wojciechowski – hey Alice, the Westboro Baptist Church could use you as their new spokesperson!

  11. Salvador Santoyo

    So itz ok 4 gays 2 attack christians wit physical force while christians just speak da truth! I guess da truth hurts & sum folk can't handle da truth!

  12. ChiMeng Chang

    @Debra – AGREE! Its like the White Supremacy group going to a Million African-American Man March. Or a Gay Advocacy group going to a Christian Missionary Retreat. You know your presence and message will cause trouble!
    If you are the one preaching a message that WILL incite confrontation, anger and backlash – you better except the consequence that trouble will follow and don't hide behind the first amendment.

  13. Jeremy CaptainCrunch Stanton

    I don't mind gays, hell my best friend is gay. But they took it way too far.

  14. Michael Mora

    Salvador…Causes of homophobia: 1) Inability or unwillingness to change the information received during childhood. 2) Fear of people who are different. 3) Promotion of homophobia by a religious group. 4) A heterosexual's natural feeling of repulsion at the thought of engaging in same-sex activity. Realizing that homosexual behavior is unnatural for them, some people generalize this feeling into the belief that homosexuality is wrong for everyone. 5) Actual homosexual feelings that a person cannot acknowledge or handle. 6) Low self esteem leading to a need to hate other group(s).

  15. ChiMeng Chang

    Gay Pride was NOT born out of a need to celebrate being Gay, but instead the right to exist without prosecution. Taking it "way too far" is an understatement when Gays have been discriminated, persecuted and even MURDERED by the very same people who claim they are Christians and preaching the "Word of God".
    So maybe if you ask your "gay best friend" why there isn't a Straight Pride Month or Movement, straight people should be thankful they don't ever need one!

  16. Up Allnit is a website that translates the Bible in different languages. I believe that, before we talk about people and their actions and where they should or should not be, we should know what they really believe in. It saddens me to see the violence against people with different lifestyles, and the violent actions some people take against "religious" people, then justify it as standing up to Christians and other religions that do not believe in different lifestlyes. Both are wrong, and in a society where we all are suppose to be more evolved, no violence should be tolerated. Freedom of religion is a right in America, and if people want to peacefully protest another person's lifestyle, they have a right to do so. Since we are suppose to be so enlightened in this day and age, we should be able to fully comprehend what we all believe in, and if we disagree, then we disagree on peaceable terms. Lets be real here, we all will not agree with everyone's lifestyles, but we can live together and protest beliefs we do not believe in peaceably, without violence. I thank God for being able to stand on my beliefs with people attacking me, and I thank God I live in America, where I will not be violently attacked for those beliefs.

  17. Up Allnit

    correction-attaking me verbally, and I thank God I live in America, where I will not be violently attacked (physically) for those beliefs.

  18. Ruby Fryer Fife

    Really inquisitor? Someone's attacked for expressing their beliefs and the question is whether or not they should do so? What the heck sort of country have we become? So much for separation of church and state-pray to the goddess of LGBT or be subject to, well, whatever her followers deem acceptable.

  19. Laura Padgett

    Mary Alice Wojciechowski I agree with you. Some have rights and some do not. Doesn't matter what the subject. There are those who feel justified to make their point with their fists. This isn't a gay/straight issue. This is a violence out of control no matter who anyone is in this crowd. Honestly it is hard to tell who threw the first punch. But thank God no one was armed with a gun.

  20. Dennis Engle

    If you watch the video it does not appear as either one of these people are participating in the event. They just left their baby and attacked theses people. Just before i met the pastor of my church i was attacked by a man who ran out of his house and attacked me. ChiMeng I would prefer it if someone held a sign to support gay rights outside any activity i was at. Take care..

  21. ChiMeng Chang

    Wow ….. it must be blissful to live in an imaginary world where you, God and your faith is strong and all your fellow Christian brethrens are Kum Ba Yah with our multi-ethnic, diverse society.
    How ignorant and distant you are to the truth of today's reality.

    Violence is occurring and rising for the LGBT community.
    Hate crimes towards Gays & Lesbians FAR outnumber any violent crimes against Christians.
    And when I say Violence – I am referring to MURDER!
    And guess what ….. violence against Gays & Lesbians in the United States are committed by ……. well, Christians (or those who identify themselves of the Christian or some Protestant/Catholic faith – because we all know fundamental Christians will immediately denounce other "Christians" because they convinced themselves that "real" Christians cannot & would not commit such heinous act).
    Hate crimes towards Gays & Lesbians are almost always motivated by some religious belief/bias.
    Christians are the BIGGEST opposition to Gay and Lesbians here in the US.

    Most recently, Exodus International President Alan Chambers says "99.9% of the people I know have not changed their sexual orientation". If this 4 decade old Christian-based Institution whose SOLE purpose is God-centered reparative therapy, have a failure rate of +99% in "curing" homosexuality, what makes today's Fundamental Christians think it can ever be "cured"?

    But today's fundamental Christians continue to spew out hateful, anti-gay rhetoric and preaching, one can equate why Violence towards the LGBT community have not diminished through the years!

    How many Christians do you know are murdered (or in your words, "violently attacked") today because of their faith?

  22. Allen Tate

    Umm….take the heat? Do you have any idea how terrible your comment is, in relation to free speech. I guess all those advocates for civil rights shouldn't have gone out to engage in their rights, because well…they were getting "heat" from police dogs right? I mean, don't address the fact that freedom of speech is being trampled on with violence….

  23. Allen Tate

    And therefore must result in violence? See, this is the true test of a person's commitment to free speech as an ideal. You can't just support when people are saying what you want to hear.

  24. Allen Tate

    It is NOT standing and holding a sign. That has been held repeatedly, which is why those crazies out of Westboro legally can hold up their signs. The lady in this video jumping in peoples faces, cursing at them and essentially threatening them is much closer to inciting a riot than simply standing with a sign.

  25. ChiMeng Chang

    I believe you would think differently if I was at your Christian Revival festival with a large sign, blowhorn and literature shouting at you and your family about how Christianity is from the devil and you can be CURED from your sinful faith! Wait …. I think there is a group that does that!
    Hmmmm, maybe you should send an invitation and welcome the Westboro Baptist Church to picket and protest at one of your events or funerals!

  26. Teri Wilson

    So you're saying it's okay to physically attack someone because they're a bigot?

  27. David Ocampo

    There's a difference between some one defending the rights of others and assaulting some one for their beliefs. This guy and his loud mouth friend both completely ignored the point of this whole event.

  28. William Dean Luke

    It should be Illegal here in the US, as it is in the UK, to picket/protest against race, Sexual orientation, or Religious Preference.

    Take your bigotry to a 3rd world country. We don't want it here.

  29. Alicia Cameron

    When it comes to the comments about the "peaceful" street preacher and how it was wrong for him to get attacked, if I remember right, wasn't it christians that said convert or die! Didn't the christians go around killing people if they wouldn't follow their made up "ways?" Isn't the new testament they all follow and wasn't it some common man the rewrote the bible and left things out and changed things just to please who asked them to rewrite it because he didn't like the original version? So wouldn't that mean it was ALL wrote by common man with an imagination?

  30. ChiMeng Chang

    "Violence directed at non-violent bigotry is still violence" > hhmmmm, is that seemingly some self-contradictory effect? Our American History is filled with violence that had resulted from bigotry.
    Bigotry is a state of mind of someone who, as a result of their deep-rooted prejudices, treats other people that are NOT like them with hatred, contempt and intolerance. There is nothing good, positive nor morally desirable in being a "BIGOT". Though every bigotted American has first Amendment Rights, every speech and dialogue that comes out of a bigot are laced with hatred and intolerance. Their presentation and demeanor may be displayed as non-violent but their rhetoric and message will always incite violence.

  31. Angie Mehler Paynter

    God gave all of us the freedom of choice. Including Christians to make poor choices and as well as good. And he forgives is all when we truly ask for forgiveness. Everyone of us on this earth sins. No one is perfect. So to say because a Christian messed my goodness never heard of such a thing. I thought all Christians were perfect. Please. Get real. I am a Christian. I mess up. I live everyday trying to be better then yesterday.

  32. Rob Thompson

    sorry dude but the 1st amendment according to the 14th amendment applies to all US citizens have a nice day by the way the two assholes that started the fight weren't gay but they were egged on by their gay friends

  33. ChiMeng Chang

    Pffft! How humbling (and pathetic) Angie! "Christians are NOT perfect" …. but you stand on your elitist soapbox to OPPRESS everybody else that are NOT like you. You use selective scriptures that will align with your bias and bigotry, and ignore all other scriptures that are just simply inconvenient, contradictory or rationalize them as "outdated". You are outraged at Gays and Lesbians wanting EQUAL RIGHTS but simply quiet and pacifying with Adulterers (because Christians simply IGNORE the many many scriptures that denounces adultery and adulterers, yet magnify the rather few scriptures that are translated as denouncing homosexuality). Hell, you would vote for a known serial adulterer into office without blinking a eye, just as long as he or she is a "Republican Christian".

    History have shown how Christians and the Christian Church have used the Bible to promote and protect Slavery, segregation, misogyny, unequal rights, etc. Christians have also used the Bible to denounce interracial marriages, divorces, un-married cohabitation, masturbation, gambling, etc > but today these 'outdated sins' are now acceptable because many Christians are committing these acts.
    Christians call Obama a Muslim but will support and vote for a devout Mormon (a known CULT).

    You say Christians make "poor choices" but why is it these poor choices are always directed at oppressing and discriminating others that are NOT like you!
    Wake up and know your history!

    "I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do, because I notice it always coincides with their own desires". Susan B. Anthony

  34. Grunt Crenshaw

    or………. not willing to justify a sexual perversion!

  35. Sarah Ohh

    I am not going to read any comments, I am just going to add this – all of this breaks my heart. I am so bloody sick of fighting and rudeness and hatefulness. I can't even stand youtube any more! People attack each other for the tiniest reasons. We need to figure out how to be decent humans. If you don't like something or someone, remove yourself from that situation. Stop hurting each other. This might seem over-simplified, but I have seen it work in my life. "A gentle answer turns away wrath". I get wanting to lash out, I do. But it never ends well.

    Again, it all just hurts my heart. :( This country needs some good news.

  36. Sarah Ohh

    Debra Cares That is a "slippery slope". The unfortunate side, for lack of better phrase, of the First Amendment, means that i have free speech and i have to support speech that i don't like or agree with, we can't tell people, in a society where adults need to be adults, who gets to say what or where they can be unless it is private property. I know too well how frustrating this is, and how there seem to be no clear answers… i just wish we could all be a little kinder. Our troops fight for that – freedoms they might not agree with at all – all of the time. This whole "US v THEM" with churches and gay Americans is just so, so sad. We all need to remember that every person is our neighbor – treat them as we'd like to be treated.

  37. Sarah Ohh

    Do you think you are helping? Morons, pathetic, "pale big tit wigger"?? That is very edifying language. :/

  38. Sarah Ohh

    I never said convert or die. The Bible doesn't say that. (Arrgh… i promised i wasn't going to get into this) But it is so frustrating when someone mentions the Crusades like they were yesterday. I'm not a Christian because i have my act together – i am because it's not. I get i am a mess, that i can be & do better. But i do the best to not go through a day w/o offering help or encouragement to someone, and many days I am the recipient. It sucks for people who love Jesus to be lied about or painted with the same brush too.
    We can't even hope to have calm, adult discussion with name-calling and/or assuming "All gays are_____" or "Every person who goes to church is ____".

    You all do know there are Gay Christians, right??

  39. ChiMeng Chang

    Sarah O Taylor "it is so frustrating when someone mentions the Crusades like they were yesterday" – I know how you feel! Its like Christians always mentioning "Sodom & Gomorrah" as their only example of how government and society will breakdown and destroy themselves when Gays are accepted in their society.

  40. ChiMeng Chang

    Sarah O Taylor – as eloquent, heartfelt and 'loving your neighbor" response you gave in your post, REALITY is just not the holding hands and singing Kum ba Yah in our multi-ethnic & diverse society. Hatred, bigotry and discrimination is well and alive in the good ole US of A. I agree that our troops fought for our freedoms but you did know those very same troops (especially African Americans and gay soldiers) had to face harsh discrimination and bigotry once they came home from the war. Everyone who faces oppression must stand and continue to fight for those Freedoms the US Constitution afforded us. Remember, the Constitution says "all men are created equal" – but there are many, manyout there who believes that freedom ONLY applies to them and no one else.

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