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Keith Olbermann Takes Pot-Shots At MSNBC, Rachel Maddow

There doesn’t seem to be any love lost between Keith Olbermann and his former employer and colleagues at MSNBC. He took what many are interpreting as a pot-shot against the network and popular pundit Rachel Maddow on Twitter this week.

Olbermann has a lengthy resume, having worked for all of the major media networks in some capacity before winding up at TBS to do what he started out doing: Sports coverage. But two networks consistently inspire a grumble or two from Olbermann when they’re brought up: Current TV and MSNBC.

The latter was the subject of a Twitter exchange on Wednesday. He said that since his hey-day with Countdown on the network, he said that MSNBC has collapsed, and mentioned that Maddow no longer speaks to him.

It all started with what may have been a sarcastic comment from a Illinois-based seafood restaurant complimenting MSNBC for their latest ratings news.

“Very, Very impressive #rathings @msnbc. Especially without the help of @KeithOlbermann. @maddow great job filling his void,” Jonah’s Seafood posted to their 130 followers.

Olbermann apparently picked up on the tweet and shot back: “This is sarcasm, yes?”

One of his followers then asked if Olbermann was insulting Maddow, adding “Thought better of you than that.”

Olbermann replied:

“It’s about the collapse of that network. I don’t know anything about her any more; she hasn’t bothered to speak to me since I left.”

Maddow hasn’t responded to the incident, but did say in a previous interview that she and Olbermann do not speak.

She appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live last year and was asked if she still keeps in touch with Olbermann since his 2011 departure from MSNBC.

“No,” she said. “But it’s not like we’ve been fighting. We just haven’t been talking.”

Do you think that Keith Olbermann was attacking Rachel Maddow, or was his Twitter follower reading too much into what he was saying?