Lisa Robin Kelly autopsy, death still a mystery.

Lisa Robin Kelly Files For Divorce After Alleged Domestic Blow Up


That ’70s Show star Lisa Robin Kelly has decided to put a cork in her troubled marriage.

TMZ reports that Kelly and her husband Robert Gillam are finally calling it quits (despite that they were only married in October) after a tumultuous marriage filled with heated arguments and domestic abuse.

Lisa Robin Kelly herself has been in the news a lot lately for her various legal issues, but reports on her marriage really started up early last year when she was arrested for domestic abuse. In November, she and her husband both were arrested for assault on each other in their North Carolina home.

Now, rumor has it that another domestic incident blew up between the two back in May.

According to Kelly, she and Gillam were in an argument over money. In short, he wanted to drain her bank account dry and she refused. She says he then attacked her, pulled her hair, threw her to the ground and choked her. She also maintains that he threatened to shoot her.

She was unable to call the police (Gillam had apparently taken her phone) but a neighbor overheard the ruckus and dialed 911. She obtained a restraining order against him quickly afterwards.

Last week, she filed for divorce citing the time-honored “irreconcilable differences.”

As for 61-year-old Gillam, he was convicted on a domestic battery charge and sentenced to three years probation plus time served (69 days). He has to attend a domestic violence program and stay 100 yards away from his ex at all times, but it’s pretty safe to say that his marriage to Lisa Robin Kelly is over.