Paula Deen dumped by diabetes drug manufacturer

Paula Deen And Agent Split Following Racist Comments

Paula Deen has split from her long-time agent, Barry Weiner, in the wake of her racial comments scandal. The fallout of the scandal has seen the embattled Souther chef all over the media in the last few weeks.

The New York Daily News reported that in a statement on Thursday, a spokesperson for the agent said:

“Paula Deen has separated from her agent. She and her family thank him for the tireless effort and dedication over the many years.”

Despite Paula’s heartfelt and tearful apology on the Today show recently, most of the companies working with her have dropped her including: Target, QVC, Walmart and The Food Network. Paula Deen’s latest split from her agent, who she worked with for more than ten years, is another blow to the star who finds herself embroiled more and more in the saga.

Paula met Barry initially, through Producer Gordon Elliott, who together were instrumental in her success on the Food Network. In her book: It Ain’t All About the Cookinshe talks about her agent fondly saying:

“Barry is affectionately known in my family as Barry Cuda. Perfect name for an agent.”

When Deen faced questioning under oath back in May she admitted that she had used the “N-word”. This followed accusations of sexual harassment and a culture of racist innuendo by Lisa Jackson, a previous manager at Uncle Bubba’s Seafood And Oyster House, which Deen co-owns.

In her statement Paula assigned no blame, nor did she give a reason for the split with her agent saying simply:

“Paula wishes him well in all future endeavors.”

Do you think isolating Paula Deen, further to her recent racist comments, is the right thing to do? With all the stories you’ve read about her recently, do you think she deserves the treatment she has received or has the response been too harsh? Sound off in the comments below.