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Parents Pick Horrible Baby Names And Then Regret It, Study Says

Baby Names Parents Hate

A new study suggests that parents are regularly worried that they have saddled their children with a name that will haunt them throughout their lives.

The team at Netmums conducted a baby names survey with 6,000 mothers and fathers and found that one in 10 parents privately fear that they have given their child an embarrassing name. Many of those parents said the impulsively chose their child’s name as a result of a “trendy” fashion statement.

The study also found that one in 20 parents were “forced” to give their child a different name because someone had “stolen” their original idea for a name.

The survey also found that “extreme retro” is big in naming children right now. For example, Mabel, Ethel, and Stanley are all making comebacks. Also topping the Netnums baby names lists are Alfie and Grace.

Parents in the survey also suggested that popular names from the 1960s like Beryl could soon be used by an increasing number of parents.

Also used by many parents are double-barreled first name such as Taylor-Rose. The double barreled names are specifically being picked for females and are being used to replace middle names.

Not only are parents regretting the names they give to their children; they are also following a trend of getting tattoo’s with those names or naming all of their children with the same first letter.

When asked what influenced the naming of their child, 25 percent of parents said they used fashion trends. One in seven parents said they chose an unusual name just because it was not “dull.”

In hoping to make their child stand out, three in 10 parents said they chose an unusual spelling for their child’s name.

Overall 12 percent of everyone polled admitted that they regretted the name they gave to their child. A total of 25 percent of people polled said their children’s names had been publicly criticized by strangers.

Some of those regretted names may have been chosen because they would make a child seem intelligent such as Finley and Esme while others such as Oliver and Isla were chosen because they sounded like “future leaders.”

The moral of the survey? Don’t name your kids after fashion trends or try to spell their name is some crazy way.


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47 Responses to “Parents Pick Horrible Baby Names And Then Regret It, Study Says”

  1. Tammy Belka

    not as bad as some of the doozies out there, though!

  2. Andy Roberts

    Good to see some of these parents are regretting some of the asinine names I see thrown around these days…

  3. Sharon Baker Burress

    You are a non-conformist, aren't you, Allen? LOL. Nothing wrong with that. I was a teacher, though, and I heard the laughter when a child announced his/her name from a creative parent. I guess it is the same as the Johnny Cash song " A Boy Named Sue." It either builds character or scars them for life.

  4. Melody Garratt Pithan

    I was hoping to read more examples of regrettable names in this article.

  5. Gretchen Reid

    That's really not that horrible – that is one of the nicest name oddities I have heard.

  6. Kim Bratten

    My daughter is Kalyn and I still like it. We also like that we can call her Kaly or Kay. I was thinking of spelling it Kaelyn or Kaylen but I didn't like how it was to actually write/sign it. My boys are Kyle and Evan still love them. I regret my girls middle name- Elise- probably because I let my husband pick I never liked it. She would have been Kalyn Claire if it were up to me.

  7. Janie Doucet Eshleman

    Frank Zappa's kids -Dweezil (son) & Moon Unit (daughter). From the 1960s.

  8. Kim Bratten

    I must be one of the few that don't think it's so bad. I once heard of a girl named Vagina- No joke. Her mom thought it was a beautiful name.

  9. Judy Minzey

    my cousin named his baby sunshine august because he was born on a sunny day in august. they call him Gus.

  10. Caitlin Fryer

    That's why anybody who wants to name their kid something "unique" should follow it with a normal name, that way the kid can have a choice to go by the unusual/arty name or Mary/Joe/James/Jane.

  11. Angie O

    The worst? What about Apple or Blue Ivy or Moon Unit??? Now those are regrettable.

  12. Amanda Parker Tillman

    My oldest is Hannabelle and youngest is Conan and I don't regret either name. They might hate them when they get older but I hated mine too growing up.

  13. Jan Puckett

    I worked in Labor and Delivery several years ago and we had one mother who named her baby Aquanet because she liked the sound of it. But that wasn't so bad compared to twins Lemonjello and Orangejello……prounounded "Le mong ello and O rang ello"……… would you like to be those kids?

  14. Kimberly Hall

    I met someone named Thomas N. Thomas. Or how about Phillip Phillips? That's just wrong! I think it's important to make sure the first name goes with the last name. Kind of funny to think of how many 80 year old Brittanys' and Kylies' we'll have running around. And chances are they'll have a tramp stamp too!

  15. Evelyn Hernandez

    worst name ive heard was "electroid" for a boy, I thought that sound like a stripper name. also knew twins named precious and princess :/

  16. Nana Fitzsimmons

    That's okay…I had planned to name a baby Bozo and Eli Moriancumer; instead it was Robert and Randy…hey it was the 60's! LOL.

  17. Nicki Jones Fitzgerald

    I love my kids names my first daughter is Krystal Raven goes by Raven my 2nd is Rachel Dawn, my third is Makayla Nichol, and my youngest is Izabella Rayne. So far all of my kids loves their names.

  18. Nana Fitzsimmons

    …and, hospital birth cert. real name of FeMALE as given name cause the parents couldn't make up their minds.

  19. Kimberley Tillman

    Just dress him up like a barbarian for his first halloween :)

  20. J.D. Reynolds

    I know someone named. Lil precious Jackson. And pickles McGhee

  21. Linda Schuster

    We had a youth minister named Kermit, but he was named that long before Kermit the Frog was created. The youth still had to buy him a T shirt with a big Kermit the Frog on the front of it!

  22. Amanda Parker Tillman

    We are. Whenever we take him to his pediatrician they call for the little barbarian too

  23. Susan Dennison

    Pilot Inspector is the worst name I ever heard for a kid. That's that dude from that show My name is Earl… he musta been high.

  24. Heather Hallett

    I think 12% is not a high occurence of regret. I say do what you do, and who cares what anyone else thinks.

  25. Ron Breese

    My grandfather was named Eunice (born in 1885) and his brother was named Pearl. I guess their parents wanted girls. So strange names aren't anything new, it just seems there are more of them now.

  26. Edwin McCracken

    Phil McCracken as bend over Phil My crack in :)

  27. Jeffrey Whisenant

    I used to work for a customer named Dick Handler

  28. Dave Wilson

    Makes about as much sense as parents who purposely misspell their kids' names. Or those who do not know how to spell it, and don't bother searching for the correct spelling…

  29. Haley Fite

    You think those are bad……No joke, I went to school with a guy named William Bill Williamson!

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