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Russian Troops On American Soil Confirmed

Russian soldiers march during a welcoming ceremony for Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow, Russia, on March 22, 2011

Russian troops are on American soil to train with FEMA. Rumors about foreign soldiers being spotted on United States military bases began circulating online earlier this week, the claims quickly went viral. A Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense release stated the troops are here as part of an exchange of experts project.

The number of Russian troops in America is unknown, but an unnamed source allegedly from the Department of Defense (DOD) maintains 50,000 soldiers from the former Cold War foe have arrived. The same source also claimed that a total of 100,000 foreign troops are currently training in the United States. The exchange of experts is reportedly being done in conjunction with FEMA emergency and disaster preparedness training.

US Defense Department Press Officer Wendy L. Snyder stated the Russian military members are participating in joint anti-terrorism drills. Snyder also said, “This is part of a formal bilateral exchange program between the US and Russia that seeks to develop transparency and promote defense reform.”

The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense release stated that FEMA and the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry will be conducting joint rescue operations for major disasters. Representatives from both nations met in Washington, D.C. last week to finalize the logistics of the endeavor.

The presence of foreign soldiers in the United States has some very concerned that the troops could be deployed to police the streets or offer instructions to American citizens during an emergency scenario or terrorism attack. The possibility that Russian troops could be deployed as a part of a security force at events deemed “National Special Security Events” by the Department of Homeland Security are often noted among the fears voiced by opponents of foreign soldier training in America.

In 2012 about 20 Russian airborne troops arrived in Colorado at Fort Carson. The influx of foreign soldiers represented the first time armed forces members from another country trained on American soil. US Army Reserve Captain William Geddes has deemed the influx of Russian troops a clear violation of the intent of the Posse Comitatus Act. The federal statute makes it illegal to employ any members of the United States Army for the purpose of executing laws, unless such a use of force was authorized expressly by either Congress or the Constitution.

How do you feel about Russian troops on American soil?

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126 Responses to “Russian Troops On American Soil Confirmed”

  1. James Tree

    It is a very good step for the United States of America to have Russian troops.
    on their soil to train and maintain peace globally! Secondly it signifies end of cold war between U.S and Russia.

  2. Roderick Gillis

    Nothing wrong with this at all. This kind of cooperation should have happened a long time ago, but its never too late.
    It is obviously for mutual benefit.

  3. Ray G

    Unbelievable and Unconstitutional. Globalism encroaches. And I thought it was bad enough when Bush hired private mercenaries, er…I mean contractors as soldiers.

  4. Anonymous

    James Tree and Roderick Gillis….Wow, just wow. Wake up and realize the truth.The America that you and I know will soon come to an end.

  5. Randall Moon

    Obama can't count on US troops to shoot/execute American citizens so he has made a deal with the Russians to do it.

  6. Patrick Frye

    About the same as the thousands of American troops that were in South Korea for exercises. Just need to be prepared…

  7. Jeff Hawse

    huh?? south korea and the USA has a joint defence treaty,, last I heard the Russians and USA doesn't, and to think the Russians are now are buddies,, you are mistaken

  8. Charlene Burton

    What's that old adage about someone pulling the wool over someone's eyes? That obviously applies in your case.

  9. James Elsey

    Are you insane???? This is about using foreign troops if needed to shoot Americans because our own soldiers would have a psychological barrier to doing it. FEMA camps sound pretty damn real all of a sudden. There will be no election in 2016.

  10. James Elsey

    This is about what Snowden warned us of, and "Architecture of Tyranny". This is preparation for the coming demise of our nation and installation of totalitarianism. Wake UP Sheep.

  11. Marty Howard

    If I see any of these Russian soldiers on US soil I will put a bullet right between their eyes straight away!

  12. Jonathan McCune

    This is a horrible idea, especially that many. We should never have more than a handful at a time for training, but 50.000 and more is frightening. Who knows what they may be used for? This is totally unconstitutional. But then, what does Obama care about the Constitution? He has been violating it all along.

  13. Jonathan McCune

    Randall — absolutely nothing to do with peace. But what is the secret agenda??

  14. Mary Colangelo

    It's ok, James this time slavery will not be along color lines but class lines. The few wealthy elitists and career politicians will rule us all. Many have been enticed with false promises none of which they will have in the labor camps. The super rich that rule the world needed a black face in the oval office to get people to willingly sentence themselves to captivity, slavery, forced labor camps and death. This is why the middle classes are being leveled to poverty.

  15. Lizanne Kutterer

    Obama and Putin can't even abide each others' presence let alone shake hands. There is no detente between our nations; only strategy. At least, that's what I surmise the government is doing. Similarly to the Egyptians reclaiming their sovereignty, they hate their regime and send us, the US citizenry, their love. I am sure, as with most other nations that have not been cloisonned off for purposes of complete and total indoctrination from birth, their citizenry sees us as they are and shares this compassion and understanding. This New World Order seeks to override the populous in every possible way. If you sit and start listing all the things that have occurred in accelerated fashion since 9/11, you will have to look back on it with real shock and awe. When they come for us, and they will, the noose will have been drawn so tightly, it will be as washing the ants down a drain. Their goal is for worldwide depopulation and they are rolling out their plans with or without our compliance. Listen to the words of the puppet and you will see exactly what is going down. His last admonition to the college students to consider that perhaps our US revolution to break free from Britain was a mistake? Please, he touts taxes as necessary? This is like the alcoholic drowning himself with booze complaining that he is too drunk. Our government is the most corrupt of any administration that has ever assumed power, so drunk with power, they can no linger be effective on any level. We must take our country back.

  16. Michael Griley Jr.

    I deeply resent your commets about contractors as soldiers. These people are former operators and have served our country. IE Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty

  17. Troy Townsend

    Would you feel the same with heroic Russians in the United States as Combat Contractors.. Isn't it great that those of us who have actually served can allow differences of opinions in OUR country. Get over whatever pride you are behind & join what is happening. Semper Fi

  18. Tony Bonfiglio

    The article says Russian troops. So WHY does the picture show a soldier wearing a Soviet emblem? This is REALLY f%^*&%$ing B.S.

  19. Carlene A. Carmen

    And how do you know that this is what they are deployed for? We don't know, and we're not being told why they are here, per se. Is it really "joint rescue operations" as this article implies? Whom are they to "rescue"? If that be the case, why Russian soldiers? We are still allies with Canada, England, Ireland, France…others maybe, why not them? Why RUSSIA? Remember the open mike mistake with Obama & Putin last year? O' said, "I'll be more 'flexible' after my re-election"!!! The BASTARD even had his reelection planned out & told Putin about it back then!!! Nobody picked up on that? I agree, and have also served like you, Troy, and I look at this in another aspect, too. So, watch and see, and then watch and learn. Many a past battle of the US military are from "lessons learned" – and this one is about to be another lesson learned. Be skeptic, at the same time pessimistic, but be careful.

  20. Carlene A. Carmen

    Agree with Jeff, there, Patrick. I'm a military veteran retiree, and was once stationed in South Korea (a 1 yr tour), and participated in a joint exercise with the South Koreans back then (1977); so this is true. And he's right, we haven't had nor been with any "joint defense treaty" with Russia, unless Obuthead signed something behind our backs, as usual, thus this Pres. is in violation of that very Constitutional article II, Sect. 2 (he has) "Power to, with advice & consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur" – so, if he's done this without consent of the Senate (2/3ds voting) then he's in violation and can be tried for Treason (giving "aid and comfort" to enemies of the US).

  21. Carlene A. Carmen

    Tony, what school of "thought" did you learn from? "SOVIET" IS Russia. Did you ever hear of the "Soviet Union"? Duh….RUSSIA! Helloooooo!

  22. Geoffrey Pfister Sr.

    Actually the mission statement is for civil unrest as stated in the article…and Troy, being a veteran myself I am concerned about your statement. This isn't a "company level" exercise…50,000 to 100,000 troops is easily understood as an occupation force…and they are working with FEMA, not the US Military…FEMA has no Constitutional authority to engage in military operations on any soil. So tell me just what justifies our "Warm and Fuzzy" response…your "Pucker Factor" should be on MAXIMUM ALERT!!!

  23. Geoffrey Pfister Sr.

    Per Constitutional Law it is illegal to have any foreign entities…UN or foreign military…engage in any homeland activities, and the same applies to muslims building mosques and schools here..nevermind the 35 verified terrorist training camps here…where is the gov't response to those criminal acts? They are protecting them instead of routing them which is there jobs…Wake up!!!

  24. Geoffrey Pfister Sr.

    Right on Sister!!! Very well put, but those asleep still will continue until their "Obamaphones" stop working for free…too late for them.

  25. Geoffrey Pfister Sr.

    I'm with ya Carlene…the thing that disturbs me most is that shoulda', coulda', woulda' should have happened 4& 1/2 years ago…the corruption is so far ingrained that there is no "peaceful" resolution to this issue…the gov't knows this and has planned accordingly…while we do nothing but wait for them…as an Army of One!!!

  26. Geoffrey Pfister Sr.

    The agenda isn't secretive at all to those who choose to see…and James Tree, it is against Constitutional Law For FEMA to engage in military functions, that is Local Law Enforcements task!!!

  27. Geoffrey Pfister Sr.

    The agenda isn't secretive at all to those who choose to see…and James Tree, it is against Constitutional Law For FEMA to engage in military functions, that is Local Law Enforcements task!!!

  28. Geoffrey Pfister Sr.

    Michael, what we need is to bring all our troops home for the task of protecting us from this illegal FEMA Occupation Force!!! No op on this planet outside of direct warfare would justify this large a number on our soil. But the sheep remain sleeping in their treason induced slumber…Kill em all & let God sort them out!!!

  29. Geoffrey Pfister Sr.

    Michael, what we need is to bring all our troops home for the task of protecting us from this illegal FEMA Occupation Force!!! No op on this planet outside of direct warfare would justify this large a number on our soil. But the sheep remain sleeping in their treason induced slumber…Kill em all & let God sort them out!!!

  30. Barbara Schold Kiser

    TRAINING can be done on their homeland NOT ours! PERIOD! To ALLOW foreign sovereign on OUR sovereign ground is treason under the false guise of "training".

  31. Barbara Schold Kiser

    CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776.
    For protecting them, by a ►mock◄Trial from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States:
    For ►cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world:◄.
    For imposing ►Taxes on us without our Consent:◄.
    For► depriving ◄us in many cases, of the benefit of Trial by Jury:
    For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for ►pretended offences:◄.

    We hold theses words to be true and self evident….
    We are a Nation Founded on the Precepts of the Bible, A call to spiritual Warriors is Now.
    When the foundations are being destroyed what can the righteous do? psalm 11:3
    Proverbs 14:34 Righteousness Exalts a Nation.
    Psalm 32;12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord: and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.
    Article 1 sec 8 / Lev 19:34 All peoples.
    Natural Citizen for President / Deut 17:15.
    Article 3 sect 3 / Deu 17:6 No conviction of DEATH.
    Ezekiel 18: 20 / article 3 sect 3 Treason.
    Isaiah 33;22
    Tax excempt Ezra 7:24.
    Article 1 local selects:elected offices / exodus 18:21 / article 1.

    That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

  32. John Blanton

    James Tree, are you really that blind or just a full blown sheep that supports obama

  33. Barbara Schold Kiser

    I have that video downloaded … "I" have NOT forgotten! This is the only way to wage war from the INSIDE …because there would be NO other way for foreign boots to be on ground. There will be a FALSE "National Security" Issue make no mistake…

  34. Barbara Schold Kiser

    I think you need some Goo B Gone to unstick the sleeping blinds on your eyes. Training should be done on their ground NOT ours.

  35. Ed Keefe

    50,000? wtf are they planning? Everyone knows ruskies and foreign troops would have no problem firing on US citizens in a crisis. Obviously that's the point.

  36. Ed Keefe

    lmao, you get idiot of the year award if you believe that 50,000 russian troops on US soil is nothing to worry about. Interesting how the Russians are deploying their nuclear subs again also. This stinks to high heaven.

  37. Lorena Hess Remmell

    How soon I wonder will our very own government turn against the people?

  38. Lorena Hess Remmell

    Bush did his part by allowing 9/11/2001 to happen, creation of DHS, and passing of the Patriot Act.

  39. Jordan Wilhelm

    People are just people, and for the moment, we have no beef with Russia, so why feel anything about having their troops training on our soil?

  40. Rick Dewees

    Carlene, The Soviet Union was communist and ceased to exist over 20 years ago! Russia is not Communist anymore. that's what you didn't understand.

  41. Rick Dewees

    Has anyone else thought about what might happen? 1) Odumbo wants to destroy the USA, 2) 50,000 Russian troops around the DC area to protect the Odumbo Administration could turn around and point their guns at DC. 3) Odumbos dream is complete.

  42. Michael Apprich

    So there are 50,000 Russian troops in the US but the only picture they could dig up is a picture of a Russian WWII actor?

  43. Michael Apprich

    Carlene A. Carmen So what are 50,000 Russian troops going to do in the US with no armor, no arty and no resupply? Oh.. and 300 million American weapons? They will end up swimming home via the Pacific Ocean.

  44. Michael Apprich

    But 300 million civilian weapons will fire on 50,000 Russian troops. =P

  45. Michael Apprich

    50,000 Russian troops vs…. the US military and 300 million civilian arms? Hmmmm. Still drinking the Cold War Cool-aid?

  46. Michael Apprich

    Except they would be fighting against the US military and 300 million US civilian weapons….

  47. Michael Apprich

    Because people are still in Cold War mode and have no logic.

  48. Michael Apprich

    Randall Moon You're an idiot. Lay off the Inforwars.

  49. Michael Apprich

    So what happens to the US military once he declares martial law? Does our military suddenly vanish? How about the veterans and 300 million civilian weapons? It would make no sense. At least not now. Now, if weapons become heavily regulated and confiscation takes place… THEN you should worry.

  50. Michael Apprich

    The military will protect the people. Have faith for crying out loud.

  51. Michael Apprich

    There's 20 Russian troops in Ft Carlson… that's it. Tell Alex Jones or whoever… to post some pictures of this 10 brigade sized element… 50,000 people and no one has pictures? Come on people. You sound fucking stupid.

  52. Michael Apprich

    Yeah they sent 20 Russian troops over to train…. Wowzers.

  53. David J. Ingraham

    I think this is a very bad Idea. The need for training of these foreign troops should be done in their own country. I fear there might be a more sinister possibility that is a threat to the people. These troops should be returned to their own country.

  54. Jeremy Flop Gunter

    that speech you're referring to was a political satire piece, i think by The Liberty Papers, but everything else you said is spot on

  55. Marcus White

    "In 2012 about 20 Russian airborne troops arrived in Colorado at Fort Carson. The influx of foreign soldiers represented the first time armed forces members from another country trained on American soil."

    Absolutely not true. I trained with Jordanians and Baharainis in Ft. Eustis in 90-91. We have a long history of training foreign fighter pilots here.

  56. Farida Rivera Schoenheide

    we should be more then just concerned, he knew he wouldn't be able to get our own soldiers to do it to fire on the american people. I always told people this would be the way it happened that he would bring in foreign troops to police us, because they will not blink an eye if ordered to shoot us…

  57. James Spaith Jr.

    a comment on this article notes (correctly) that the photo is a stock picture from at least 20 years ago, the soldiers are carrying the SOVIET hammer & sickle flag. Does not lend any credence to the article itself. But hey, if you need something to scare yourself with, I guess this will work.

  58. Dr Zilman

    While all home troops are out of the country and cant help!

  59. Bill Mills

    "Presentations were made by members of both delegations on subjects including cooperation in the forecasting and monitoring of natural hazards, the production of a Russian documentary on volunteer firefighting in the United States, exchanges and cooperation between institutions of higher education preparing students for careers in Emergency Management, and the provision of psychological support to disaster survivors."

  60. Michael Rosensweig

    anyone who believes, or even knows about this, and thinks it's for emergency cases, is dillusional and ignorant. This is a ploy to turn America into a police state where people will be murdered for no other reason then for opposing Obama. Russians, are for the most part, Atheists. They have no belief in any God at all. They serve whomever is in charge at the time.And here, that means genocide..Are your communities organized enough to repel a force like this? Better start preparing if not.. Or suffer the consequences of tyranny..they will kill anyone..Means nothing to them.

  61. Ashley Long Snyder

    It's a violation of the Constitution, plain and simple. And if that isn't enough to make your blood boil… you haven't been paying attention.

  62. Ashley Long Snyder

    Spot on, Randall Moon! That's exactly why they are here, along with SEVERAL other countries. They've been training in OUR country, in OUR uniforms with OUR weapons so they won't appear "out of place" when the time comes.

  63. Richard Valencia

    Michael there were a lot more than 20, I personally saw upwards of 60 Russian solders at Ft. Carson, they have been in and out of the mountain base for several years, 5 years ago they parachuted 40 miles south of the base and marched back in the dark of night, crossing hwy 50 W, and Walkers Ranch, this is a private ranch, (other private lands as well).

  64. Richard Valencia

    Roderick is a paid government troll. Nobody is that stupid to say that we need foreign troops here.

  65. Richard Valencia

    Barbara Schold Kiser The bottom line is this, they gave us heads up on the Boston bombers and other possible attacks in our country, so why would they need us to train them? I call bullshit on that.

  66. David Hack

    Thats because the biggest majority of the troops will either question or refuse to obey any such orders, because they are Constitutionally illegal, and when we raised our right hands we took an oath to the Constitution.

  67. Graydon Evans

    Why argue about it let's take action form militias look at Egypt they did it why can't we do it for a second time!

  68. Liliya Kamala

    This makes no sense what so ever, if they are supposedly at the throat of each other, and adversaries, especially after the "whistle blower" snowden… why on earth would they invite that many soldiers to US sovereign soil. there is something bigger going on here..

  69. Serb Yugo

    carlene,,I hear ya loud and clear on the soviet thing….we who do understand that communism realy never did stop…all that bullshit about the wall coming dwn is BS….it came dwn Phisically,,but they traded their uniforms in for suits and are now here in America,, some things you cant explain to people,,they just cant comprehend….THX for your service and thx for being awake..

  70. Serb Yugo

    has anyone here heard of possicomataduse….bush got rid of it as did Obama in an executive order…under this law-no forigne troops are to set foot on American soil…,,but this is why they do as they please,because somany of our sheeple in America have no idea about our constitution and laws..

  71. Ron Bunty

    James, you are a trusting soul but I can't agree with this. The president ALONE should not have this "authority". Besides, it is a very bad idea.

  72. Ron Bunty

    They already have, Lorena, but not enough people are paying attention. Those Odumbos will come crying when they feel the heat. We Patriots will then die for their stupidity.

  73. Chris Sandlin

    I will die before giving up my freedom, the worst they can do is kill me!

  74. Ryan Patrick

    Well all those who voted for Obama I'm sure your happy now. We need to stand up and fight people, I hate to think this but the next war is coming here to our homes. Its time we elect someone who will do away with this absolute nonsense!

  75. John Joseph Bovenzi

    Unfortunately for us, Obama repealed "posse comitatus" back in 2011 so we are screwed!

  76. John Joseph Bovenzi

    Bullshit… most will hand over their guns without firing a shot.

  77. Bob Brunson

    american troops have fired on americans, and they will again, this time with much more bloodshed.

  78. David Russell

    this is not the first time foreign troops have trained on US soil….I personally have seen Brazilian, British, Egyptian, and Canadian military training with the US military and on US soil…. now if they plan on actually taking part in non training activities…. disaster response etc…. That's a different story altogether…

  79. Todd Jones

    They don't need to come here to do any training. They are already trained in how to kill. What a big ruse you can't fool us all!

  80. Ronald Kauffman

    When I was in the Navy in '78' we were training Saudi Arabian sailors in Seamanship on board our vessels. So foreign troops on our soil is not new.

  81. Greg Oden

    So whats new? The baboon running for president was in it's self a violation of the Constitution. The problem is that Soros has bought and paid for members of the house and Senate from both sides of the aisle to do his bidding. Go to and see just how deeply this Nazi scumbag has corrupted our Government. Soros makes the Koch brothers seem like boy scouts by comparison.

  82. Todd Maves

    Foreign troops/airmen/sailors have been training on American Soil fro a Hell of a lot longer than since 2012… Story doesn't seem right. Besides 50,000 foreign troops would have even the Lame-Stream media paying attention…

  83. Gerry RL

    Get ready for The UN troops, tanks, helicopters, warplanes, etc to come here in force. Obama wants to dismantle the country. Starting with his enemies list of Republicans/Conservatives. Everybody better wake the fuck up. This is happening. You can thank any liberal that you know for that because they voted this foreigner into office who was brought up to hate America, and everything it stands for. his mother, grand parents, mentors, friends were all card carrying communists.

  84. Edmond Williams

    ALL foreign troops must leave NOW! FEMA is massing thousands of armored vehicles, and the Department of Homeland Security has stockpiled over 750 million rounds of hollow point bullets

  85. Tom Farrish

    Semper Fi my ARS, where the hell are you coming from….somewhere along the line you got corrupted…..

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