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Actor David Oakes Addresses Fans Trying To #savetheborgias On Facebook Letter

David Oakes letter to Borgias fans

Fans of the cancelled period drama The Borgias, got a very big boost from British actor David Oakes (The Pillars of the Earth), who played Juan Borgia in the first two seasons, on Facebook.

The Showtime series which also starred Jeremy Irons, Francois Arnaud, and Holliday Grainger as the rest of the Borgias family members was cancelled after three seasons.

Audience members are up in arms about Showtime’s decision to end the show without really finishing the story and have started a campaign called Save the Borgias.

They have been incredibly resourceful in trying to get the network’s attention using all the social media avenues at their disposal. They have a website, Twitter and Facebook page up as well as the hashtag #savetheborgias.

Apparently their efforts got at least one of the former cast member’s attention.

David Oakes, who was killed in season two, wrote an open letters to his fans on Facebook addressing the campaign and offering his support even though his character will not return.

Oakes is an avid Twitter user and has been known to acknowledge fans questions in forums and on Facebook. He took part in two fan chats during his run as Juan in the very popular Borgias Fan Wiki website.

There, he patiently answered questions from excited fans who participated in the chat.

The letter addresses the #savetheborgias campaign and wishes the fans heading the effort the best of luck.

David is loved by his followers for his down to earth, humble demeanor and is known for his wit and good humor on Twitter.

Save the borgias campaign for Showtime.

You can read David Oakes letter in its entirety.

Dear All,

It has come to my attention that following the cancellation of The Borgias there are a great number of you mobilizing to halt/reverse Showtime’s decision.

Now, as someone who wouldn’t be in the fourth season of the show (following Juan’s gangrene, syphilis, opium-addiction, multiple-stabbage, bridge free-falling and drowning), I cannot be blamed of self-interest in bringing this petition to your attention.

I certainly can’t guarantee that Showtime will respond as desired – so many factors, including viewer’s enjoyment and support, go in to the ultimate decision – but it certainly cannot do any harm to try!

My name is added, why not add yours too. Let’s keep Jeremy, Holly and Francois in work for another year!

Best wishes,


As you see David Oakes is quite in tune with his fans quest to see the show continue even if he is not a part of it.

Are you a fan of David Oakes’? What do you think of his Facebook letter to fans?

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9 Responses to “Actor David Oakes Addresses Fans Trying To #savetheborgias On Facebook Letter”

  1. Deb Cason

    With as busy as David Oaks of the Borgias, is I for one really do appreciate his contacting us in support of saving the Borgias!

  2. Sara DeMarco

    He is awesome for acknowledging our plight :) SAVE THE BORGIAS!

  3. Selina Bogan

    Wow that is awesome! I will now watch reruns w/o so much hatred towards Juan "the tool" 😀

  4. Lisa Yeager

    I think he's amazing to support our cause. He could be brought back in dream/ remembrance scenes with the pope or Cesare

  5. Fiore Grey

    Thank you, David. ♥ Look forward to seeing you in The White Queen!

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