Pakistan Bombing Kills Over A Dozen Civilians

Pakistan Bombing Proves Deadly During British PM Visit

In Pakistan a car bomb positioned near a passing military convoy killed at least 20 people and more than 30 were left injured. The attacks came during British Prime Minister David Cameron’s┬ávisit to the nation.

The attack came in Peshawar, a city located in northwestern Pakistan, reports the AP. Those killed and wounded in the car bombing were mainly civilians.

The blast was directed at a convoy of paramilitary troops, driving through Peshawar, the capitol of the northwestern state.

While the bomb hit one of the convoy transports, the majority of the damage could be seen in the surrounding business buildings and civilian vehicles.

The convoy managed to continue their route, while other troops and police arrived on the scene to investigate, examining a large crater left by the explosion.

Demolition experts have already determined that the bomb was packed with metal shrapnel and ball bearings to inflict maximum damage and death, reports the New York Times.

Though no one has stepped forward to claim responsibility, authorities are turning to the usual suspects: the Pakistan Taliban.

Officials in Pakistan reported another similar roadside attack Sunday, where three soldiers in a military convoy in North Waziristan were killed.

The Pakistan Taliban have been engaged in an aggressive campaign recently, involving car bombings and vicious attacks directed at tourists and foreigners.

Credit for a recent attack on a mountain climbing base camp in Pakistan, which left many tourists dead, was claimed publicly by the Pakistan Taliban.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, visiting the Pakistan’s capitol of Islamabad, condemned Sunday’s attacks during a meeting with Pakistan’s leader, Nawaz Sharif.

Cameron said that British support is behind Sharif, promising to assist in combating violent militants in Pakistan. He also said it would be important to not only fight militarily, but to fight against severe poverty and a lack of education.

As of Monday, Pakistan authorities have made no arrests in either of Sunday’s attacks.

[Image via photo credit: Jungle_Boy via photopin cc]