Nick Stahl arrested

Nick Stahl Arrested On Crystal Meth Charges In Hollywood

Nick Stahl was arrested on crystal meth charges in a Hollywood, California motel where a Los Angeles County team went to make a parole compliance check. LAPD said that the Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines star was picked up shortly after 5 AM when the officers discovered four people there with the drugs.

According to The Los Angeles Times, all four people, including Nick Stahl, were arrested.

It’s a disappointing twist in the Nick Stahl rehab saga, coming only days after another incident where the 33-year-old actor was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold. He has struggled with drugs and alcohol in the past year, entering and then leaving rehab several times.

The new arrest came just one day after he told entertainment site TMZ that he was grateful for the 5150 hold because he needed the help. In the brief statement, he insisted that, “It was helpful” that he was picked up and hospitalized on June 17.

Yet he can’t seem to break free of his addiction. The drama has been playing out ever since a well-publicized disappearance in May 2012. At one point, his wife Rose Stahl had even wondered aloud if she would be asked to identify his body as reports swirled that he’d been seen in the Los Angeles skid row district.

Despite multiple rehab check-ins, there’s little evidence yet that the actor is beating his own demons.

At the time of writing, there weren’t yet any reports of the amount of bail, so Stahl may still be in the Hollywood station jail where he was reportedly booked.

His fans were  not happy to find out that Nick Stahl was arrested yet again.


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