Andy Cohen and Cher

Cher Shares: Tom Cruise Was One Of My ‘Top Five’ Lovers [Video]


Fun facts always find the light of day on Andy Cohen’s Bravo program Watch What Happens Live. In the most recent episode, he talked to pop icon Cher about her love life, particularly her relationship with actor Tom Cruise.

Cruise and Cher dated in 1985 when the Top Gun actor was in his early twenties (Cher was closer to 40). Cohen asked about the relationship, and Cher responded:

“Aw, well, he wasn’t a Scientologist then! … It was pretty hot and heavy for a little minute.”

He pressed, curious to know how the now-50-year-old actor measures up in bed. Cher then paid him a huge compliment, saying:

“I’ve had just the greatest lovers ever! … He was in the top five.”

Cher also admitted during the interview that she has indeed had a lesbian lover at one point. “Who hasn’t?” she said.

She also explained a little bit about her tweeting habits. Cher’s posts are almost infamously incoherent at times, but the 67-year-old admits that she really just understand the microblogging service.

Speaking of Twitter, Cohen shared a photo of himself with Cher.

Twitter users were quick to jump on Cher’s compliment to Cruise:



You can check out the video of Cher talking her “Top Five” and how Tom Cruise “sizes up” below:

'WWHL': Cher Says Tom Cruise Is One Of Her