Missed Bus: Woman Lay Down To Stop The Vehicle From Driving Off

Missed Bus: Woman Laid Down In Front Of The Vehicle To Protest Her Annoyance

No doubt we’ve all had a missed bus incident, however, not many of us do more than get annoyed and then wait for the next.

That wasn’t the case with a woman in Devon; instead of accepting that she had missed her ride, she instead laid down in front of the bus.

In a rather extreme case of dedication, the woman actually chased down the bus until the next set of traffic lights it encountered and threw herself onto the floor to stop it from going on its journey without her.

Moreover, the woman then continued to demonstrate her displeasure at having missed the bus for several minutes.

A witness who watched the whole situation play out in front of them had this to say:

“She lay there like a starfish. Eventually the driver let her on which didn’t seem to impress the other passengers.”

While it would seem that the missed bus driver wasn’t exactly popular with his other passengers for making that decision, he really didn’t have many other options to go for.

Although he could have tried to move her without allowing her on, or even called the local police, all of those options would have probably taken a lot longer than just a few minutes.

Furthermore, the very fact that driver was able to keep his cool without causing even more of a scene does certainly appear to be an impressive feat.

A lot of UK bus drivers can get angry over swearing and loud music (I say that from personal experience), so this is a very tense situation that was defused in quite an orderly manner. That definitely seems fair to say when you think back to the bus driver that punched one of their passengers.

Another massive plus for this unusual story is that the protest didn’t turn violent, unlike the bus fare protests that took place in Brazil recently.

Nevertheless, there is something to be said about the woman and the fact that she decided to take her annoyance out on the bus and its driver.

After all, for whatever reasons, she was the one who missed the bus; while that’s a very irritating thing to have happen to you, if it’s your fault what else can you really do?

Although “body-blocking” a missed bus might sound like the best way to deal with losing out on a ride, it’s probably best to just wait for the next one.

Missed Bus: Woman Lay Down To Stop The Vehicle From Driving Off



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