Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Tweets Lots Of Leg, Toned Abs In Recent Twitpics

Miley Cyrus has a fantastic body, and she knows it. The 20-year-old “We Can’t Stop” twerking sensation has selected some unusual outfits lately to show off her amazing legs and toned abs.

Hey, it can’t be all booty all the time. Miley Cyrus is way more than just a well-rounded rear end. She’s the complete package. But forget about that little girl from Disney.

As she recently said herself, it’s time to put away those childish Hannah Montana days. This leggy lady is all woman.

She recently startled Jimmy Kimmel when she appeared on his show, leaving the flustered Kimmel to confess that he didn’t know that she’d be coming on the show without her pants. Heh.

I’m going to post some of her tweets from the recent barage of Twitpics that the Twitter-savvy star has posted to her account this week, but I’ll come right out and admit that I’ve got a favorite. Even everybody’s-ugly-but-her name-caller Amanda Bynes herself might have to confess that the New York photo of Miley Cyrus striding confidently along in spike-heeled thigh-highed boots is one for the pin-up wall.

By the way, click here for a couple more Miley Cyrus no-pants tweets from her recent Chicago visit.

The fans, needless to say, are loving the look at her well-toned body. Apparently, twerking is excellent exercise for the abs and core. And it doesn’t hurt the legs either.

As one Twitter admirer said, “You’re like the air. I can’t live without you.”

The pick of the litter from the recent Miley Cyrus Twitpic barrage:

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus smokin’ hot in thigh-high boots

And here’s a couple more tweets just because:




Wowsers. No wonder Miley Cyrus has a ton of fans.

[photos: Miley Cyrus via Twitter]