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Man Accused Of Killing Family Pet, Used Dishwasher

Cities ban sale of pupples in retail

Memphis, TN – A Memphis man has been accused of killing a German shepherd-mix puppy, running the animal through a dishwasher before dumping its body in the trash.

Marcus Curry, 27, has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty/abuse after allegedly running the puppy through the dishwasher because he was attempting keep the dog from defecating inside the apartment, reports local ABC News affiliate, WCPO.

A maintenance man found the canine’s wet dead body in a red duffel bag inside a dumpster near Curry’s home on South Mendenhall Road.

Previously, contractors working at the Eden at Watersedge Apartments, where Curry lives, noticed the mixed-breed puppy tied up for days on Curry’s balcony on a short cord with no water, reports WREG News. When they told animal’s owner he needed to take better care of the dog, he took it inside.

About an hour later, Curry came outside with a red duffel bag which he threw into a dumpster.

One of the workers who had previously given the dog some water, Henry Jones, found the wet puppy in the garbage. “I unzipped the bag and saw the dog and it was wet.”

Curry was arrested by Tennessee authorities for allegedly killing the dog.

A police affidavit states Curry told officers he didn’t put the dog into the dishwasher but did admit to putting the animal into a bag and throwing it away in the trash.

A witness, however, told investigators that Curry told him he put the dog in the dishwasher and “left it in there too long.” Another witness saw the animal in the dishwasher and said, when Curry took it out, the puppy was not moving.

Curry is being held on $40,000 bond.

Tennessee’s animal cruelty statute 39-14-212 states a person commits aggravated cruelty, a Class E felony, to animals when, with aggravated cruelty and with no justifiable purpose, he/she intentionally kills or intentionally causes serious physical injury to a companion animal. A Class E felony is punishable with a fine up to $3,000 and/or imprisonment up to six years.

Do you think the potential penalty of a $3,000 fine or six years in jail is enough?

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42 Responses to “Man Accused Of Killing Family Pet, Used Dishwasher”

  1. Jean Craske

    NO he should bejailed with the key thrown away, or stick him in a dishwasher and let him drown, disgusting.

  2. Karen Ryan

    ??????? !!!!!!! What the hell ???? The stupid vicious cruel nasty disgusting asinine things people do ! This schmuck should never ever have any kind of an animal ever !! And yes….definitely jail time and a hefty fine… heart is breaking though …and the kind of sad sick people in this world !!!!

  3. Brandon Wilkes

    I will personally volunteer to go to TN and show this guy what I think of his "training" practices and I can guarantee I'll have plenty of supporters behind me.

  4. Connie Schicker

    Put that spineless POS in jail forever with Bubba. So what happens if he ever has a child and it has an accident will he drown it as well. You can let me have an hour with him and I guarantee he will never forget it or hurt another living being. White trash.

  5. Bernadette Ward

    The person who gave / sold him this dog should also be charged. Far too much abuse of all animals because there are no consequents for their action

  6. Tom Harding

    Truly a sick person. Disgusting. Do the same thing to him please.

  7. Donna Emm Balogh

    This ba***ard should be run through a chum machine!!

  8. Rachel Hyman

    The witnesses should be charged! It sounds like more than one person watched him do this and did nothing about it!

  9. Tammy Lynne McGuigan Stellfox

    No way!! He should spend way more time jailed. He should also be put in a dishwasher himself!! These are the people who turn on humans after attacking helpless animals! I just don't understand it!!

  10. Ellen Tuton

    He took dog in to his home and had no place to keep dog. This did not help dog being held prisoner. Then when someone called his abuse, he killed dog. He could have just let it go.

  11. Deborah Kitzul

    This POS needs to be beaten severely, then run him through a commercial dishwasher. I hope he gets the max sentencing and some of the other inmates know WHO HE is and that they are animals lovers. And they SHOW HIM a good time inside the joint.

    Puppies do not have the muscle tone until they are 4 months old to control holding it to go to the bathroom. Even so, you get them into the idea of going outdoors to do their business, but do not blame the puppy if it has an accident. After it takes a lot longer to housebreak baby humans, they are very stupid when it comes to that. Dogs 4 months housebroke. I have seen 5 and 6 year olds still not toilet trained in todays world.

  12. Stefanie Mullinix

    That piece of shit needs to be dismembered and rot in Hell. What an evil, black hearted monster

  13. Debra Croushore

    why have a pet? poor puppy… just untie it, give it away. makes me sick!

  14. Pat Wakefield

    Thank you for putting this story out so we can all become aware and make certain that such scum pays the highest possible price. RIP precious and innocent puppy.

  15. Char Byrd

    (Crying) reading this story makes me so sad and sick…I have a shepherd pup ecactly

  16. Char Byrd

    Exactly the same age as this couldn't he've just give the pup away,instead of putting it thru such torture from day one,leaving him outside in the heat with no food ,water and tied with a cord,then killing this innocent soul and tossing him out like garbage?I hope this apt complex will do more than just saying something to the Tennant…if there is a next time,CALL animal control please !!I hope and pray THIS animal gets the book and is ordered NEVER to have any pets!!

  17. Wendy Henry

    Even though I'm thankfull that there were witnesses to testify against him, I am always amazed and horrified that witnesses can see these acts of cruelty and do nothing to stop it.WTF – how could anyone not try to stop them and refrain from kicking their asses……

  18. Nicole Dietz-Brandtner

    The puppy died a painful death. 6 years is not enough. He deserves the same to what he did to the poor puppy.

  19. Cindy Barnette Sikes

    Freaking idiot!! Taking the puppy to the animal shelter would have been better then this!

  20. Stacey Boyd

    Sick sob i wish we could see people like this have no place on this earth

  21. Kathy Dabanian

    I feel the same let him drown and know what it feels like to die like that for some poor being that had no chance whatsover living with this scum bag POS!

  22. Dora Ponce

    Nuts like this don't know how to think about doing the right thing. They act without thought about their actions.

  23. Dora Ponce

    * Sometimes it may be best to call the police and AC. Hindsight is better than foresight and even if authorities were called he'd likely have taken the dog inside and still committed the same act.
    * Yeah, were these witnesses that were there that didn't, if they didn't, attempt to stop him from putting him in a dishwasher? I don't understand and of course maybe the other news links on this might have more information regarding the details. (OTHER NEWS LINKS HERE:)

  24. Cindy Mc Lain

    jailed sixty yrs would be my choice.. and in general pop.. where they don't much care for people like him. the prick!

  25. Leko Morris Myers

    You know…I'm really past all the minimal sentences and slaps on the wrist for these POS so called pet owners and for all the other criminals out there, baby killer and abusers. I really think we should get back to an eye for an eye. Our justice system sucks at best because vey few people truly get what they deserve and apparently no one is deterred from committing future crimes. Maybe we should get back to public executions, public punishments in general. No more time in jail living on our dime, being allowed to go to school for free, being fed better than most of our citizens, etc. Castrate a rapist, allow the public to stone abusers in the town square, put them in the rack in the courtyard for all to see. So that we can all go by and help with their punishment.

  26. Ruthann Alberts

    What an asshole he should be tired to a railing with a short rope then thrown over the railing and left there for the crows to start eating his eyes what a heartless bastard we don't need people like this using our air supply cut off his balls and feed it to him as he screams in pain he shouldn't be allowed to reproduce a offspring with no heart!
    kill the prick leave him rot in jail with a bitch to stand over him 23 out of the 24 hours a day…..and I don't mean watching him either!

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