Condom Robbery: Man Held At Knifepoint For Carrying Sexual Protection

Condom Robbery: Man Held At Knifepoint For Carrying Sexual Protection

In a rather unusual turn of events, well, as far as crime goes, a man has reported a condom robbery to his local authorities.

According to the reports so far, a Pennsylvania man contacted police after he had been subjected to a knife-point robbery at the hands of two men. Apparently, they only wanted nothing more than to steal the sexual protection the man was carrying.

Although the incident has been confirmed by local police, they have refused to offer further comment surrounding details of the robbery.

All that is really known so far is that two “knife-wielding men” robbed the safe sex concious victim at, roughly, 10:30 pm Tuesday night on East 23rd Street in Erie.

Now, without wanting to sound as if we know all there is about crime, this condom robbery does seem to be one of the most odd crimes of this week so far.

After all, normally when you hear about accounts of theft, you immediately assume that mobile phones or cash have been snatched; yet it would seem that crime has moved on from such mundane items.

Although all we can do is speculate about why the two unknown men needed to steal the condoms (they could just want to blow them up or something), the fact that condoms mean so much to them probably gives the pursuit of safer sex new hope.

That being said, if robbery is the only way to do this, then sex education might take on a far more unique way of teaching our younger generations.

After all, it wasn’t too long ago that we heard that one UK school has actually considered introducing porn stars into sex education.

Even though this story will probably have many of you laughing rather than panicking, it’s worth remembering that a man has been victim to a condom robbery, which, as it goes, is quite a shocking incident.


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