Vittorio Missoni Missing Plane Discovered

Vittorio Missoni’s Wrecked Plane Found

The plane of missing Italian fashion magnate Vittorio Missoni has been found. The plane was carrying Virrotio and his wife from the Los Roques airport to Caracas when it vanished on January 4.

The plane was carrying six people in all when it vanished and it is believed that no one survived the crash. The small plane was discovered in 200 feet of water in the Los Roques archipelago.

The Missoni family and the families of others on the wrecked plane released a statement to Italian news company ANSA, thanking the Italian and Venezuelan authorities for their efforts in finding the downed plane.

The families added that they will attempt to retrieve the downed plane. It is unclear how long the retrieval could take, or how much it could cost. There is no word on whether or not searchers saw bodies in the plane’s wreckage.

Vissorio Missoni’s parents, Ottavio and Rosita, founded the Missoni fashion house in 1953 in Gallarte, Italy. The house later moved to Milan, where it became known internationally for its knitwear.

But Ottavio and Rosita turned over operations and management of the fashion company to Vittorio and his siblings, Luca and Angela, in 1996.

After Missoni’s plane went missing on January 4, a frantic search was launched to find survivors and the plane. But despite multiple searches, the only thing recovered from the crash was a bag. The luggage was discovered on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao three weeks after the crash.

Missoni's Plane Found

In their statement, the families of the passengers on board the plane added, “The families thank the Venezuelan Government and the Italian Government for the effort in having made this search possible, and they are confident that the investigation will follow through to the ascertainment of the causes and the responsibility for the accident.”

Before his disappearance, Vittorio Missoni was the CEO of the Missoni fashion house.